Introducing Red Light Fights from BodogFight

Ever killed time in traffic watching a sexy girl referee a fight in a ring on the back of a flat-bed truck? We thought not.

Enter the Red Light Fights series, created to generate excitement and promote Bodog Fight’s December 2 mixed martial arts (MMA) pay-per-view event. The Red Light Fights are mobile fighting matches that feature two martial arts experts sparring with each other in real rings attached to a 16-foot box truck!

As the vehicle stops, a loud bell will sound, a Bodog Girl will walk across the ring holding a round card, and the sparring will begin. The Red Light Fights will take place in New York City and various cities in California from November 19 to December 2. Two specially designed vehicles, wrapped in eye-catching graphics, will be used to promote the December 2 event. The vehicles will visit popular shopping streets, media centers, and other locations. Get ready to rumble in the Ryder!

“Red Light Fights are a unique way to take the Bodog Fight brand message to potential viewers, while giving traffic-bound drivers the thrill of catching a hot Bodog Girl and a mini-fight. This is one time you won’t mind waiting at a stop light!” says Calvin Ayre, Bodog .com CEO and Bodog Fight creator. “Our girls and fighters will also be hitting the hottest events and shopping areas, so keep an eye out for them.”

Bodog Fight, the action-packed mixed martial arts reality TV series, created by billionaire Bodog com Entertainment Group Founder Calvin Ayre, brings you the BodogFight: Season 1 Finale. Live from The Agrodome in Vancouver, Canada , the PPV event will be available to an international audience Saturday, December 2, 2006. For ticket and PPV ordering information, go to

As part of the PPV event, one of the three Superfights will showcase the professional fight debut of Roger Gracie - the latest phenom from the renowned Brazilian family of MMA greats. With an incredible tournament showdown and the introduction of a new Gracie family member to MMA fans worldwide, the Bodog Fight main event is shaping up to be the largest and most exciting event of its kind.

If Roger Gracie versus Ron Waterman isn’t enough of a grudge match needed to satisfy fight fans, then MMA fighters Antonio Silva and Eric Pele’s bout should do the trick. The third fight features Eddie Alvarez against Aaron Riley in a welterweight championship bout.

Also being announced at the PPV event will be the BodogFight favorite fighter as voted by viewers, with the winning warrior taking home the $50,000 cash prize. Be sure to cast your vote soon at where biographies of all the fighters, exclusive footage, and unedited interviews and confrontations are readily available and continuously updated each week. The final televised episodes will air simultaneously on the Men’s Outdoors and Recreation channel, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, and online to viewers worldwide at the official BodogFight web site,

With its drive into the international MMA scene, the incredibly popular BodogFight series is available in over 23 million homes across North America . Elimination battles, behind-the-scenes training, interviews with fighters, a soundtrack featuring Bodog Music artists, and lifestyle segments compose the weekly one-hour BodogFight episodes, with the finale leading into the PPV main event December 2 in Vancouver , Canada .


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