IFL Releases Frank Shamrock and The San Jose Razorclaws

MMAWeekly is reporting that Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock and the San Jose Razorclaws will not be apart of the IFL heading into the 2008 season.

“They said they were going a different direction with their business,” stated the current Strikeforce and former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight titleholder. “They’re good people and they’re a good company. They’ve got a hard road ahead of them. I’m still willing to help in any way because they treated me real good.”

The San Jose Razorclaws consisted of Frank Shamrock (Coach), Dave MacMillan (Assistant Coach), Tony Demara (Assistant Coach), Josh Odom (LW), Donnie Liles (WW), Brian Foster (MW), Brian Ebersole (LHW), Dan Christison (HW), and Clint Coronel (Alternate LW).

Shamrock stated that he felt everyone on the team had been cut except for Brian Foster who will be competing in the upcoming IFL Grand Prix and then he will likely be reassigned to a new team.

“I think they cut everybody but Brian Foster and he’s in the Grand Prix, so he’s got his chance coming up. I think they’re going to reassign him to a new team. He’s got a couple of teams that he has the option to go to.”


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