IFL Grand Prix Mess: Monte Tells All

Monte Cox, manager of many MMA stars including Mike Whitehead, Ben Rothwell, and Jay Hieron, had public phone sessions with many members of the MMA media yesterday to discuss the curreny situation involving the IFL removing Rothwell and Whitehead from the IFL Grand Prix in November.

Sam Caplan’s conversation with Cox is a must read. Here’s my favorite quote from the interview:

Monte Cox: A lot of times if you’re looking to go to a place like the IFL, there’s a lot of things that could change your mind. Ben started kind of souring on the IFL before the season even ended. And one of the things that he was upset with was during his fight with Ricco Rodriguez, Ricco spit on him and nobody did anything. The commission didn’t do anything (and) the IFL didn’t do anything.

When his own mom asked Kurt Otto about it, she said something like “That kid spit on my son.” Kurt’s response was “Maybe Ben should have hit him harder?” And that left a bad taste in Ben’s mouth. He’s supposed to be one of their biggest stars and this is the way he’s getting treated?

Sounds like Kurt Otto is a great guy.

To summarize everything that is going on: Both Rothwell and Whitehead are still under contract with the IFL until January 1st, 2008. Neither of them will be fighting for the IFL again this year. Cox plans to entertain offers from other promotions on that date which the IFL will have the opportunity to match.


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