IFL Grand Prix Finals Conference Call Notes

The IFL held a conference call with the media earlier this afternoon to discuss the upcoming IFL World Grand Prix Finals which are set to take place on Saturday, December 29th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

The event will be broadcast in the United States on HDNet and in Canada on FOX Sports World Canada.

Nothing new was reported in terms of the IFL itself, that will come later in the week, on Wednesday to be exact when IFL President Kurt Otto meets with the media again to discuss the layout for next year.

Fighters participating on the call were Chris Horodecki and Jay Hieron. Notes on both are after the jump.

Chris Horodecki

- Horodecki felt that he was fortunate to come out of the Palaszewski fight relatively unscathed and he thinks being healthy will definitely help him in his fight against Ryan Schultz. Hordodecki is confident that he will come out on top and says that he is the better technican.

- He didn’t say that he was frustrated by the constant changes of opponents but more anxious because things were becoming hectic.

- Horodecki is training at Xtreme Couture for this fight.

- Thinks that he would still have beaten Wagnney Fabiano if they fought. Said it was unfortunate that they didn’t get to face each other and maybe something can be set up in the future.

- Horodecki wasn’t sure about the specifics in terms of what team he will be on next year in the IFL.

- Credited Shawn Tompkins and the support group around him for his success at such a young age.

- Says that he will consider the option of permanently relocating to Las Vegas and training at Xtreme Couture full-time.

Jay Hieron

- Hieron says that he has done a lot of visualization about this fight and he’s confident that he’s going to come out on top against Delson Heleno.

- When asked about his striking, Hieron said that he’s been working on it since the start of his career. He also feels that his striking is as good as anyone else in the IFL and that he doesn’t always get a chance to show it because the majority of his fights go to the ground. Horodecki chimed in and praised Hieron’s skills on the feet.

- Hieron says that he wants to use his wrestling to be able to try and keep the fight on the feet but that he’s not afraid to go down to the canvas because he will be well-prepared. He doesn’t want to put himself in a position where Heleno would feel he is superior.

- Claims that there are no distractions training at Xtreme Couture because of Randy Couture’s current situation with the UFC. Also added that everyone in the gym “must be doing something right” since they have all been victorious in recent fights.

- Stated that he’s glad the event is going to be televised since he feels that many fans lose interest in the event when they know they will not be able to watch it live.


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