IFL Fighter Salaries and Event Numbers

Ryan Schultz and John Gunderson weigh-in for IFL: New Blood, New Battles. Photo courtesy of the International Fight League.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the official lists of fighter salaries stemming from this past weekend’s International Fight League: New Blood, New Battles event, which took place at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event featured a total of three title fights. Roy Nelson and Ryan Schultz each successfully defend their respective belts while Ryan McGivern won a unanimous decision over Matt Horwich to claim the IFL middleweight title.

Remember that this is only the base salary that a fighter received. Bonuses, deductions, and other undisclosed fees are not included.

John Gunderson ($9,500) vs. Ryan Schultz ($26,000)
Fabiano Scherner ($7,500) vs. Roy Nelson ($24,000)
Ryan McGivern ($10,000) vs. Matt Horwich ($12,000)
Rafael Dias ($7,000) vs. Santino DeFranco ($5,000)
Leopoldo Serao ($4,000) vs. Josh Haynes ($6,000)
Alexandre Ferreira ($16,000) vs. Lew Polley ($4,000)
Jake Ellenberger ($15,000) vs. Pat Healy ($15,000)
Ian Loveland ($7,000) vs. Dennis Davis ($5,000)

The total disclosed fighter payroll was $165,500.

The total attendance was reported as 4,280: 1,606 tickets were paid for and 2,674 were given away. The total live gate for the event was $102,120.


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