IFL: Chicago Results

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IFL: Chicago

Maurice Smith vs. Marco Ruas
Donnie Liles vs. Rodrigo Ruas
Dan Christison vs. Antoine Jaoude
Jeff Quinlan vs. Emmanuel Newton
Josh Odom vs. Adam Lynn
Brian Foster vs. Justin Levens
Bart Palaszewski vs. John Strawn
Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Adam Maciejewski
Ryan McGivern vs. Tim Kennedy
Ben Rothwell vs. Travis Fulton
Josh Neer vs. Mark Miller

8:40 PM: In the first fight of the night Clint Coronel (Razorclaws) and Danny Suarez (Condors) fought in an alternate bout. After three rounds of action it was declared a majority draw (28-28, 28-28, 29-28) which required the fighters to undergo another round of action. The fourth was fairly even but the judges decided Danny Suarez did enough to earn the decision (10-9, 10-9, 9-10).

8:51 PM: In the second alternate bout L.C. Davis and Jay Estrada clashed for their respective teams. Davis controlled the first round by primarily working from the top position. In the second Davis came out strong and eventually sunk in a standing guillotine to earn the victory early in the round.

9:33 PM: The first team fight of the evening consisted of Rodrigo Ruas setting a frantic pace to earn a submission (keylock) win early in the first round. The second fight consisted of Antoine Jaoude defeating Dan Christison by unanimous decision to tie the score at 1-1.

9:47 PM: Emmanuel Newton made easy work of Jeff Quinlan taking him down and choking him out cold (side choke) at 3:37 of round 1. Newton’s win put the Condors up 2-1.

10:18 PM: In a lightweight bout Adam Lynn defeated Josh Odom by unanimous decision to give the Condors the 3-1 lead and win.

10:36 PM: In a middleweight bout, Brian Foster TKO’d UFC veteran Justin Levens to earn the victory at 1:17 of round 1. Foster’s win put the series at 3-2.

10:39 PM: Next up is the Red Bears vs. Silverbacks.

10:47 PM: The IFL handed out awards to the fighters…

- Fight of the Night: Antoine Jaoude vs. Dan Christison
- Quickest Finish: Brian Foster
- Best KO: Brian Foster
- Best Submission: Donnie Liles

11:16 PM: Bart Palaszewski gave the Silverbacks a solid start by knocking out John Strawn at 0:48 of round 1. Silverbacks up 1-0…

11:35 PM: Mike Ciesnolevicz put the Silverbacks up 2-0 when he mounted at pounded Adam Maciejewski at 2:16 of round 2.

11:38 PM: Tim Kennedy revived the Red Bears by coming out and slugging with Ryan McGivern. It took two round but Kennedy was finally able to latch on at guillotine in the 2nd round to put that score at 2-1 for the Silverbacks.

11:49 PM: The Silverbacks heavyweight ace Ben Rothwell walked through MMA ironman Travis Fulton to put the Silverbacks up 3-1. The Silverbacks have won the series. Two fights remaining…

12:04 AM Mark Miller came out guns ablazin’ as he knocked out UFC veteran and heavy favorite Josh Neer at 0:54 of round 1. The win put the series at 3-2 for the Silverbacks. Next up is the superfight between Marco Ruas and Maurice Smith.

12:45 AM: Here are the awards…

-  Fight of the Night: Ben Rothwell vs. Travis Fulton
- Quickest Finish: Bart Palaszewski
- Best KO: Bart Palaszewski
- Best Submission: Tim Kennedy

12:46 AM: Fighter of the Night/MVP:  Mark Miller

12:50 AM: After taking part in three slow paced round, Maurice Smith came out in the fourth on fire and it was enough as he landed at will eventually forcing Ruas’ corner to throw in the towel.

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