If Successful, Showdown With Silva Looms on Horizon for St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Ever since Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva each ascended to the top of their respective divisions, many have been calling for a mega-fight between the two, possibly to solve the question regarding who really is the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Talks last year seemed to be premature while UFC officials were content to let both establish dominance at middleweight and welterweight, but now that standout contenders for both St. Pierre and Silva are starting to become few and far between, an eventual clash between the two is becoming more and more likely according to UFC President Dana White.

“I think anything is possible,” White said when asked about the possibility of the two fighting in the near future on Thursday’s pre-fight conference call for UFC 94. “Georges has gotta face Thiago [Alves] first, but yeah, anything is possible.”

White stated that despite B.J. Penn jumping up in weight to face St. Pierre next weekend, fighters changing weight class won’t be a frequent thing in the UFC. Attempting to stray away from his counterparts in boxing, White says that it’s the difference in weight classes between boxing and MMA that will keep Penn-St. Pierre II a once-in-a-while type of thing.

“The thing is about weight classes in boxing is that guys can jump six different divisions because the difference in weight is only a few pounds. In mixed martial arts, jumping up in weight is a big deal and not something you do everyday. However at the same time, these guys want to cement their legacy and prove that they are truly the greatest - pound-for-pound and everything.”

A move to 185 lbs would be the first of its kind for St. Pierre, but Penn, his opponent on January 31, is much more familiar with the concept. During Penn’s two-year departure from the UFC following his welterweight title win over Matt Hughes, the Hawaiian traveled overseas to Japan and moved up even higher in weight to fight Renzo Gracie and Lyoto Machida.

According to White, those two instances will remain the only times that Penn has done that, at least as long as he’s with the UFC.

“Whoever wins this fight is going to be a big star and yeah, anything is possible, expect for B.J. moving up to 185,” White said. “If B.J. wins, he’ll be the only fighter to ever hold belts in two different weight classes. That’s huge. It’s a big accomplishment. A kid his size… just because he can do it, doesn’t mean that he should.”


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