ICON Sport: To Hell and Back Weigh-In Results

Phil Baroni weighs-in for UFC 48: Payback. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The official weigh-in results for tonight’s ICON Sport: To Hell and Back are below. All fighters successfully made weight.

The event features a much-anticipated main event between Phil Baroni and Kala Kolohe Hose, who will slug it out for the ICON Sport middleweight title, which was vacated by former champion Robbie Lawler last month.

Colin MacKenzie provided the only hitch at yesterday’s weigh-ins, failing to appear. Fortunately for ICON Sport President T.Jay Thompson, Brandon Pieper, the twin brother of Bronson who will take on Sadhu Bott in an ICON Sport featherweight title bout, agreed to take the fight against Ricky Wallace on short notice.

Phil Baroni (186 lbs) vs. Kala Kolohe Hose (184 lbs)
Auggie Padeken (205 lbs) vs. Jeremy Williams (205 lbs)
Sadhu Bott (143 lbs) vs. Bronson Pieper (146 lbs)
Russell Doane (135 lbs) vs. Tyson Nam (135 lbs)
Brennan Kamaka (181 lbs) vs. Ross Ebanez (173 lbs)
Wayne Perrin (170 lbs) vs. Koa Ramos (170 lbs)
Zack Rapal (133 lbs) vs. Dwayne Haney (134 lbs)
Brandon Pieper (150 lbs) vs. Ricky Wallace (147 lbs)
Eddie Rincon (160 lbs) vs. P.J. Dean (160 lbs)
Matt Comeau (145 lbs) vs. Elias De Los Reyes (145 lbs)
Alan Lima (149 lbs) vs. David Padilla (153 lbs)
Nui Wheeler (136 lbs) vs. Jay Bolos (137 lbs)
Wade Ke (175 lbs) vs. Micah Ige (173 lbs)


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