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Icon Sport: Epic Results

Duane Haney def. Devon Damo - Submission (Triangle Choke)
Ryan Lee def. Jay Bolos - Decision (Unanimous)
Scott Anderson def. PJ Dean - Decision (Unanimous)
Kimo Wolfel def. Dereck Keasley - Decision
Kala Kolohe Hose def. Ron Verdadero - KO (Punches)
Justin Buchholz def. Marshall Harvest - KO (Punch)
Jeremy Williams def. Charles Jones - Submission (Verbal)
Poai Suganuma def. Nate Cary - Decision (Unanimous)
Jason Miller def. Hector Urbina - TKO (Punches)
Renato Verissimo def. Lars Haven - TKO (Punches)
Robbie Lawler def. Frank Trigg - KO (Punches)

- The first fight of the evening is about to begin. It will consist of 3 three-minute rounds.

Devon Damo vs. Dwayne Haney

- Haney is the first to make his way to the ring.

- Damo follows suit moments later shadow boxing on his way down the ramp.

Round 1:

Damo comes out with a low kick early followed by a combination. Haney secures a trip takedown. He then stands up before dropping back down and moving to side control. Damo attempts to reverse it almost taking Haney’s back in the process. He fails and Haney is able to gain mount. He throws a few shots and then Damo escapes. They return to the feet where they exchange a few punches before clinching. They fall to the canvas and again Haney gains top position. He begins to work from half guard as they hit the one minute mark. Haney moves to mount and begins to pepper Damo with inside shots. Damo holds on tight trying to work free. Haney beings to land some hard shots from the top while Damo squirms in an attempt to get free. Damo fails and then Haney attempts an armbar with 10 seconds left. The round ends on the canvas.

Round 2:

Damo comes out with a low kick followed by a high kick that misses. They begin to exchange some wild punches before Haney takes the fight to the canvas. Damo locks up his guard but Haney gets loose and moves to half guard and then moments later the mount. Damo holds on tight and then secures the reversal. Damo gets in Haney’s guard but it doesn’t work to well for him as Haney locks on a tight triangle. Haney locks it up tight and after attempting to power out, Damo fails and is forced to tap.

Dwayne Haney - Winner by Triangle Choke

- Next up is Jay Bolos vs. Ryan Lee.

Jay Bolos vs. Ryan Lee

- Lee is the first to come out sporting the red trunks.

- Bolos comes out next sporting black TapouT trunks.

- According to the announcers this was susposed to be the first fight but is was delayed as Lee was pulled over by the police on his way to the arena.

Round 1:

They kick the fight off with a glove touch. Lee comes out with a straight kick and Bolos responds with a hard combo. They begin to exchange some hard punches and kicks utilizing a high pace. Lee comes in with a wild right that misses. Bolos attempts a few straight kicks. Lee responds with a low leg kick. Lee gets in a huge right that rocks Bolos.  He then moves in and secures the takedown. Bolos locks up his guard as Lee moves him towards the corner. Lee throws some shots to the body as they hit the one minute mark. Bolos throws a couple from the bottom. Lee moves to half guard and Bolos attempts a kimura. Bolos reverses position and they get tangled in the ropes. They fight is stood up. They exchange some good right hands. Both guys landing a few during the exchange.

Round 2:

They round begins with a glove touch. Bolos throws a low kick. He then throw a low kick followed by an excellent spinning backfist. Lee begins to throw some excellent low kicks as they exchange. Lee throws a right which sets up the takedown. Lee begins to work from Bolos guard as Bolos moves his hips looking for a submission. Lee throws some weak shots from the bottom as they are stood up. Bolos comes forward with a wild combo followed by a takedown. Lee attempts an armbar but Bolos stands up and gets free. Bolos throws some shots from the top eventually moving to side control. Bolos stands up again and throws some punches. Lee attempts to grab a leg which opens up his head. Bolos takes advantage and lands some huge unanswered punches from the top. Lee gives up the position as the round comes to a close.

Round 3:

The third round starts with some low kicks from Lee. Bolos charges forward with some punches hoping to set up the takedown. It’s Lee who gets the single legged falling into Bolos’ guard. Bolos looks from a sub but Bolos gets free. Bolos then tries to reverse the position and it allows Lee to sink in a tight guillotine choke. Bolos throws some shots to the body in an attempt to get free. Lee gains the mount as he keeps a tight grip on Bolos’ neck. Bolos’ powers out getting free of the guillotine. They restart the fight in the middle of the ring. Bolos tries for the mount and Lee slips out falling into Bolos’ guard. The round ends on the canvas.

Ryan Lee - Winner Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)

- Next up is a lightweight bout between PJ Dean and Scott Anderson.

PJ Dean vs. Scott Anderson

Round 1:

They come out and Dean lands a straight early. He then tries a knee but fails getting taken down in the process. Anderson begins to work from the top in Dean’s guard. Dean throws some punches from the bottom as Anderson tries posturing up. Anderson throws some shots from the top but Dean does a good job of avoiding them. Anderson begins to work the body and then the ref stands them up in questionable fashion. Dean attempts a kick to the body and immediately Anderson shoots in and puts Dean on the canvas. They get tangled in the ropes so they restart in the middle. Anderson works in half guard but Dean does a good job regaining guard. Anderson begins to rain down some big shots from the top. Dean holds on as Anderson works the body. At the horn Anderson lands a big shot.

Round 2:

Dean comes out early looking to land some shots. Anderson decides against it landing a right followed by a takedown. Anderson is able to quickly gain the mount. He throws a few shots from the top which causes Dean to give up his back. Anderson immediately goes for the rear naked choke which he looked to have. Dean fights throw it and reverses Anderson gaining top position. Dean lands some shots from the top and the ref steps in to warn Dean about throwing elbows. They restart and Dean comes in with a vicious low kick. Dean then lands a few hard shots. Anderson then shoots in putting Dean on his back. Dean grabs ahold of Anderson’s neck as Anderson gains side control. They get tangled in the ropes so the ref moves them to the middle for the restart. Anderson goes from side control to Dean’s guard as he throws some punches from the top. The round ends with Anderson in Dean’s guard.

Round 3:

They come out and touch gloves. Dean tosses out a few shots and then Anderson gains control securing a huge slam. Anderson immediately gets Dean’s back where he works for the rear naked choke. As he did earlier, Dean is able to squirm free gaining top position. Dean lands some shots from the top and then he takes Anderson’s back for a moment. Anderson gets free and they clinch against the ropes eventually falling throw them. The fight is restarted and Dean comes out with a big kick. Anderson shoots off of it gaining top position. Dean works for a triangle but Anderson gets free as he gains half guard. Dean throws some punches from the bottom as they hit the 10 second mark. The fight ends with Anderson laying in Dean’s guard.

Scott Anderson - Winner Unanimous Decision (30-27 X3)

- Next up is a welterweight match between Kimo Woelfel and Dereck Keasley.

Kimo Woelfel vs. Dereck Keasley

Round 1:

They kick the round off with a glove touch. Kimo comes out with a low kick as they size on another up. Keasley throws a few shadow punches. Kimo just misses with a big right. Kimo comes in with a short punch and Keasley gains the clinch. Keasley throws a hard knee as he works for the takedown. They are separate and moved to the middle. Kimo throws a highkick that is blocked. Keasley throws a right that misses. Kimo lands a straight left. Keasley shoots in and lands a huge slam. Kimo quicky recovers as he throws some huges shots down on Keasley. Keasley then goes for the leg but Kimo gets free. Keasley regains guard and Kimo ends the round with a few body shots.

Round 2:

Round two begins with a glove touch as they meet in the center. Kimo lands a low shot but it has no effect as they restart. Kimo gets in a weak low kick as they size one another up. Kimo moves forward with some wild punches as Keasley goes on the defense. Keasley responds with some of his own punches. Kimo shoots but Keasley stuffs it. They then clinch against the ropes and exchange some good knees to the midsection. Keasley breaks free of the clinch. Kimo throws two consecutive low kicks with the second going low. Kimo lands a good uppercut as he continues to fire off punches. Kimo attempts a kick that fails. Keasley throws a 1-2 combo that comes up short. Kimo throws a hard looping left that is blocked. Keasley shoots in as the round ends.

Round 3:

The third starts out slow as Kimo lands a low kick. Both guys throw some punches but they all miss. Keasley comes forward with a punch. Kimo then comes forward with some hard wild punches. He nails Keasley a couple times rocking him but Keasley counters with a punch of his own momentarily putting Kimo down. They hit the canvas and Keasley begins to work from his back utilizing an active guard. The ref moves in and stands the fighters up. Kimo tries a low kick that misses. Keasley misses with a 1-2 combo. Kimo gets in a good low kick. Keasley comes forward landing some huge rights. He continues to land as Kimo takes the fight down. Keasley takes his back and the fight ends with Keasley working for the submission.

Kimo Woelfel - Winner Decision

- UFC light heavyweight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is in the house.

- One more fight before intermission.

- Next up is Kala Kolohe Hose vs. Ron Verdadero.

Kala Kolohe Hose vs. Ron Verdadero

- Verdadero comes out to “Lord Give Me a Sign” by DMX.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Hose tries a straight kick. Verdadero throws a left low kick. Hose comes in with a good combo landing some huge punches. Verdadero clinches and Hose continues to fire away landing a huge punch that drops Verdadero to the canvas. Hose immediately backs off as he knows Verdadero is out. The ref hesitates but then decides to step is as Verdadero is out.

- Kala Kolohe Hose tells fans he wants to fight Robbie Lawler.

Kala Kolohe Hose - Winner KO

- Intermission time…

- Bronson Piper is awarded his Hawaii State Championship Belt.

- Fighters Club TV host Mark Kurano will be competing in Icon Sport in June 2007. He is in the ring sporting an MMA.tv shirt made by Six Gear. For those of you not aware of Six Deuce, I definitely recommend checking it out. Six Deuce Gear.

- The Onzuka bothers are called into the ring and presented with Icon Sport achievement awards. This is only the second time the award has been given out.

- The show a highlight of the Kimo Woelfel-Derrick Keasley. Kimo Woelfel is presented with a $500.00 credit for being declared the ‘Fighter of the Night’.

- About three minutes away from the State Title match between Marshall Harvest and Justin Bucholz.

- Randy Couture will be screening his new documentary at the Pipeline Cafe tomorrow at 4 and 6 PM.

- So much for the three minute wait for the next fight… The intermission is still going…

- The MC give a shout out to fans on The Underground.

- We’re back, the next fight is 3 five-minute rounds and the fight is sponsored by RAZE Fight Gear.

Marshall Harvest vs. Justin Bucholz

- Bucholz comes out to “In the Jungle” from the Lion King.

- Harvest walks out to “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor.

Round 1:

They kick the round off with a glove touch. Harvest comes out with a low kick. Bucholz throws a 1-2 combo. He follows that up with a low kick. Bucholz comes forward with a hard combo nailing Harvest with a huge right that rocks him and sends him to the canvas. Bucholz immediately pounces on his downed opponent getting in another shot before the referee stepped in to call the fight.

- Bucholz is presented with the Hawaii State Belt.

Justin Bucholz - Winner KO

- The in ring announcer calls UFC heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture in to the octagon. He follows that up by calling Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Jen “Lil’ Evil” Pulver, and of course B.J. Penn who receives a huge ovation. The crowd doesn’t seem to fond of Pulver due to his beef with Penn.

Penn shakes hands with Couture and Jackson but he makes sure he avoids Pulver. They then step up and call PRIDE middleweight and light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson into the ring. Randy Couture takes to the microphone to promote his documentary and talk about his victory of Tim Sylvia.

Pulver is next as the crowd boos him. They talk about ‘The Ultimate Fighter 5’, Pulver talks about how crazy it was and how tough it was being around B.J. He says he is looking forward to fighting Penn in June.

Next up is Dan Henderson who received a good reception. Henderson talks about his fight with Wanderlei Silva. Henderson talks about having Jason Miller training at Team Quest.

They decide to save B.J. for last and go to Jackson. He tries tickling the announcer. He says he is in Hawaii to watch Miller fight as well as Williams. “Rampage” is asked about the future and he says “You’re going down Chuck.” He says he invited Chuck out for drinks after his fight with Eastman but this time the ref will be picking him up off the ring.

Finally they talk to Penn and he praises Charuto. Penn says Charuto is ready for the belt. Penn promotes his website and he says he is ready to fight Pulver. Penn tells Pulver he is bringing everything in to the fight.

- Up next is a bout between Charles Jones and Jeremy Williams.

Charles Jones vs. Jeremy Williams

- Jones comes out to “Eye of the Tiger”.

- Jeremy “Half Man, Half Amazing” is next to come out walking to a song by the Gorillaz.

Round 1:

They start the first slow as Jone attempts a weak shot that is stuffed. Williams comes in and lands a good left hand. They size each other up before Jones moves forward gaining the clinch. He is able to take the fight to the canvas with the body lock. They get tangled in the rope so the referee moves them to the center of the ring. Jones throws some weak shots form the top. Jones throws some more weak shots as he lays in Williams guard. The ref steps in and stands the fighters up. Williams comes forward with a left that misses allowing Jones to shoot in. They clinch against the ropes and Williams tosses a few knees before the round comes to a close.

Round 2:

They kick the round off with a glove touch. Williams throws a punch and one again Jones shoots off of it. Williams stuffs it and moments later Jones shoots again. Williams does a solid jobs of sprawling. They get back to the feet and Williams lands a knee. Jones regains the clinch along the ropes. The ref steps in and separate thems them. Williams comes forward with some good punches. Jones then punches Williams in toward the corner. Williams in able to land a few knees in the process. Williams continues to attempt the knees as they are separated. Williams lands a good left but Jones is able to take the fight down. Jones lays in Williams guard. Williams is able to lock on a triangle so Jones pushes him outside of the rind and the fight is moved back to the middle. They restart in the triangle position as Williams squeezes trying to end the fight. The round ends and people are unhappy because they felt Jones tapped.

Round 3:

They kick off the round with a glove touch. Williams lands an excellent left. Jones shoots but Williams sprawls as he tosses a good body shot. Williams gives up the takedown so he tries to work for the guillotine. It is unsucessful. The ref stands the fight up as Jones lays on top of him not moving. Jones is in trouble not doing anything. He told the ref he cannot breath so when they are stood back up Williams throws a punch and Jones goes down. This time he says down so Williams glances at the ref who does nothing and then he moves in and throws a punch whih was enough for the ref.

- Mike Malone comes into the ring and calls out Williams. Malone says “I’m not impressed with his hands at all.” Malone follows that up by saying “I’ll make sure we stand up and I’ll known you the f&&k out.” Williams fires back with some trash talking and then they shake hands and leave the ring.

Jeremy Williams - Submission (Verbal)

- Next up is Po’ai Suganuma vs. Nathan Cary.

Po’ai Suganuma vs. Nathan Cary

Round 1:

They kick the action off with a glove touch. Cary comes out hard tossing some hard punches. Suganuma responds with some hard punches of his own as they clinch along the ropes. Suganuma tries a trip but it fails as they quickly return to the feet. Suganuma throws a few knees in close. Cary responds with some of his own knees. Suganuma uses the body lock to secure a nice takedown. Cary secures the guard but Suganuma backs away as they stand up. Both guys try some wild punches. Suganuma shoots in and Cary grabs ahold of a tight guillotine. Suganuma drops to his knees to escape and while on his knees he eats a big shot from Cary. Suganuma then suplexs Cary and moments later he mounts him. Suganuma then takes Cary’s back with he throws a barrage of punches to the side of Cary’s head. The round ends with Suganuma on Cary’s back.

Round 2:

Suganuma comes out with a big punch. Cary responds wtih a combo and kick of his own. Suganuma responds and then they clinch. Both guys exchange shots and then Cary takes the fight down. Cary looks to take Suganuma’s back but he gets reversed as Suganuma takes Cary’s back and works for the choke. Cary spins and gains top position. He begins to rain down shots from the top. The fight is halted so they can check the nose of Cary which is bleeding heavily. The fight is restarted on the canvas. Suganuma works from the bottom as Cary throws some hammerfists. Cary continues to toss the hammerfists as they hit the one minute mark. Once again the ref stands them up in questionable fashion. Suganuma comes forward with some wild rights and lefts. They clinch and Suganuma secures another big hip trip. Suganuma stands over Cary who is laying on his back. Cary throws some upkicks and then bell goes to end the round.

Round 3:

They touch gloves and Suganuma comes forward with a three shot combo. Suganuma tries a trip again and then he takes Cary’s back standing where he attempts another suplex. They hit the canvas and Suganuma begins to work from the top. Suganuma continues to work from the top and the ref stands them up. Cary throws a few punches and then Suganuma responds with some of his own. Suganuma then shoots in and takes Cary down. He takes Cary’s back but he is able to squirm free and gain top position. Cary begins to throw some shots from the top. Cary continues to work as he peppers Suganuma’s body and face. He ends the round hard with hammerfists. The fight ends Cary raining down punches.

Po’ai Suganuma - Winner Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)

- Next up is a fight between fan favorite Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Hector Urbina.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. Hector Urbina

- As always Miller comes out in entertaining fashion sporting a cape with Dan Henderson in his corner.

Round 1:

Urbina tosses a low kick early. Miller with a good right. He follow that up with a kick and another punch. Urbina responds with some shots of his own. Urbina throws some flashy kicks as Miller clinches. Miller comes forward with a combo and Urbina shoots off of. Miller then begins to land some huge knees to the head on the canvas. Urbina tries going to his back and that allows Miller to land to some shots from the top. Urbina goes to his stomach and Miller continues to hit him and then fight is stopped.

Jason Miller - Winner KO

- Next up is “Charuto” Renato Verissimo vs. Lars Haven.

Renato “Charuto” Verissimo vs. Lars Haven

Round 1:

The fight starts with a glove touch. Haven comes out fast and furious firing off hard combos. Charuto covers up as Haven continues to push forward. They work from the clinch exchanging knees and then Charuto shoots and puts Haven on his back. The ref restarts the fight in the middle. Charuto works from the top as he lands some good punches. Haven easts some hard punches and then Charuto moves to side control. He then moves to mount where he began to land some hand punches. Charuto continuously looked at the referee as he did some want to hurt Haven. The referee then stepped in and called the fight.

- Charuto tells the fans he will beat up the winner of Trigg vs. Lawler for them.

Renato “Charuto” Verissimo - Winner KO

- Main-event time folks! Frank Trigg vs. Robbie Lawler.

Frank Trigg vs. Robbie Lawler

- They are hyping up this main-event with some highlight videos.

- The challenger Robbie Lawler is the first one to come out.

- The champion Frank Trigg is next to come out but first they show a highlight video.

- Jon Lewis in Trigg’s corner.

- Trigg fakes a hug and Lawler pushes him away.

Round 1:

They come out and quickly engage. Lawler misses with a left and Trigg puts him on his back. Lawler lands some hard lefts from his back. He continuously throws hard shots from the bottom as Trigg lays in his guard. Lawler tries to push away with the butterfly guard. The ref stands them up. Lawler comes in with a sloppy combo against which allows Trigg to shoot and put him on his back. They stand up and Trigg grabs ahold of Lawler’s head and fires off a few knees. Lawler tries a knee but they then break free and Trigg puts Lawler down again. Lawler throws some shots from the bottom as Trigg begins to throw from the top. Trigg begins to rain down some hard punches from the top. Lawler attempts an upkick as Trigg continues to work from the top. Lawler stands up and Trigg grabs ahold of Lawler’s head and fires off some hard knees to the head. They clinch and Trigg throws some knees to the body. Trigg lands a knee to the body. Lawler then throws some hard shots to the body of Trigg. Trigg lands a good low kick. Lawler with a good combo. Trigg clinches and throws some knees. He then throws some punches and shoots but he fails. The round ends in the clinch.

Round 2:

Trigg comes out with a low kick early. Lawler responds with a couple of kicks. Lawler goes to the body. Trigg comes forward with some punches. Lawler throws a kick which Trigg shoots off of. Lawler stuffs it and Trigg ends up in his back. Trigg lands some weak shots from the bottom as Lawler lands a few hard punches from the top. The referee stands the fighters up. Trigg gets in a good low kick. He fails with a shot and Lawler hits him with an uppercut. They clinch and Trigg works the knees. He follows that up with a low kick. Trigg fails with a takedown again as Lawler throws some more punches. Lawler lands a huge punch that puts Trigg on his back. He is rocked. He tries holding on as Lawler lays in his guard. They stand back up and Trigg eats some more huge punches. Trigg goes does again and Lawler lands a solid soccer kick followed by a knee. Trigg locks on the guard as his nose bleeds. Both fighters dead tired. Trigg attempts to work for a triangle. They pause the fight to look at Trigg. Lawler begins to tee off as Trigg is still rocked. Vicious uppercuts by Lawler. Trigg moves forward, good knees and punches from Trigg. Round ends.

Round 3:

Trigg with a low kick early. Lawler picks his shots as Trigg clinches. Lawler misses with a big shot. Trigg moves forward with some excellent punches. Lawler looks rocked. Trigg pushing the pace. Trigg attempts to shoot but Lawler stuffs it as Trigg goes to his back. Lawler moves to half guard. Lawler to side control. Lawler with a punch but Trigg works to regain guard. Lawler stands up. Trigg continues to come forward with punches. Lawler eating punches from Trigg. Both fighters very tired. Tired wtih combinations. A low kick form Trigg. Lawler misses with a big left. Just misses with an uppercut. Trigg throws some knees and then attempts a shot that fails. Lawler lands a good left. Trigg comes very close to securing a takedown. They clinch along the ropes. The ref splits them. Trigg very bloody form the nose. Lawler visibly tired. They clean the blood off of Trigg and restart. Trigg comes forward with a sloppy combo. Lawler with a few punhes. A good left from Lawler. Trigg misses with some wild punches. Both guys firing at will. Lawler witha left. Trigg comes forwad and clinches. Trigg tees off against the ropes. Lawler reverses it and they clinch before Trigg pushes away. Trigg hits Lawler with some punches. Lawler misses with some big punches. The round ends.

Round 4:

Lawler opens the fourth with a jab. Trigg comes forward with some sloppy punches. Trigg peppers him with some shots. Trigg continues to come forward with punches and knees. Trigg tosses some knees up against the ropes. They split and Lawler lands a good left. Trigg takes it and moves forward. Lawler lands a huge three shot combo and drops Trigg. As Trigg is down and out Lawler lands a huge right for good measure.

- Lawler is the new champion. He is named the first two time champion.

Robbie Lawler - Winner KO


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