Hughes vs St. Pierre at UFC 79

That may be the case.  According to Matt Hughes’ personal website, that is exactly what is happening.

I’m going to fight Georges St. Pierre on December 29th. I’ve got a couple reasons why I’ve made this decision and I will share those at a later time. I’ve asked for this to be for an interim title and if Matt Serra can’t fight in a year, then this would just be the title fight; but I don’t know if that is going to happen right now. I will keep you all posted.

EDIT: This WILL BE for the interim title, so it will be a 5-round fight. -Matt

As John wrote earlier, this is the replacement fight that makes the most sense.  The biggest question is whether GSP is prepared to take the fight on 5 weeks notice.  The thoughts postulated across the web are that GSP had been training with Rashad Evans in preparation for Evans’ UFC 78 fight.  Thus he’s physically prepared, its just the gameplanning that needs to be taken care of. 

Of course, this is still up in the air until we get confirmation from either GSP himself or the UFC.  Stay tuned…

Update 10:05 PM: The UFC has confirmed the fight on it’s official website. - John


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