Hughes Says St. Pierre “Felt Greasy”

Matt Hughes. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller stated his feelings earlier this year. Matt Serra and Sean Sherk followed. Now former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes is the latest fighter to claim that Georges St. Pierre has potentially been greased up in past fights. In a post today on his official website, the future UFC Hall-of-Famer stated that St.Pierre felt a little slippery:

Now, on to what everybody is talking about, the greasing. I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a fight. I know Matt Serra has mentioned it and, even in their first fight, I think BJ said something. I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.

I have a question for Hughes: If GSP really did feel that slippery during your last two fights, why are you waiting to say something about it until now? It’s somewhat helpful that while wading through this Vaseline mess that past opponents of Georges are coming out and stating that they believe he greased. But at the same time, it’s not, because they are making these accusations months and years after these fights took place.

Hopefully a ruling by the commission and a decision by B.J.‘s camp comes relatively soon, because this issue is getting old fast.


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