How Blogging Leads to Bad Blood

Jason MacDonald weighs-in for UFC 72: Victory. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

When Jason MacDonald was informed that he’d be fighting Joe Doerksen at UFC 83: Serra at St. Pierre II a few months back, he was less than enthused.

He had good reason to feel that way. After all, MacDonald already defeated Doerksen less than three years ago, submitting his fellow Canadian with a rear naked choke in the fourth round of their main event Ultimate Cage Wars bout in October 2005.

Enter Doerksen and his trash-talking.

Maybe it was Doerksen trying to save face after MacDonald publicly stated that he didn’t know why the two had to fight again, especially since they had gone in different directions since their first bout. Maybe it was a last ditch effort to move their fight to the televised main card instead of being relegated to a preliminary matchup despite being two of Canada’s most high-profile mixed martial artists.

Whatever Doerksen’s thinking was behind his decision to speak up, it worked. Not only has the fight bypassed a couple of featured bouts on the card in terms of hype, but it’s lit a fire inside of MacDonald, forcing him to change his mind about a fight that wasn’t very appealing at first glance.

The two have been battling back and forth in their respective Rogers Sportsnet blogs ever since and I must say, their commentary has become pretty entertaining. I suggest you check out what they’ve said. Thanks to the internet, what likely would have been a tactical fight that would have gone the distance might now just be an all-out war.

Jason MacDonald:
Pay me some respect
We’ll settle it in the cage
Countdown mode
All-Canadian matchup

Joe Doerksen:
Overrated athlete
Chance for redemption


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