Herring Hindered By Injury

Last night fans witnessed PRIDE and K-1 veteran Heath “Texas Crazy Horse” Herring make his UFC debut against undefeated Jake O’Brien. To the surprise of many, O’Brien walked through Herring taking him down at passing his guard at will. The fighter who made his first appearance in the UFC octagon looked nothing like the fighter who underwent battles with the likes of Mirko Filipovic, Fedor Emelianenko, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Well there is now an explanation for the reason thing went down the way they did.

After the fight Heath Herring ran into UFC color commentator Joe Rogan where he proceeded to tell him that he tore his MCL during training which had a big effect on his performance. Herring came out with the weird stance due to his injured knee and it had a huge effect on him as he could not sprawl and when he was on his back as he was unable to explode out of tough positions.


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