HDNet Fights Weigh-In Results

Jeff Ford (225 lbs) vs. Erik Paulson (212.5 lbs) *
Freddie Espiricueta (185.5 lbs) vs. Jason House (183 lbs)
Anthony Lapsley (170.75 lbs) vs. Drew Fickett (171.25 lbs)
Matt Thompson (241 lbs) vs. Justin Eilers (231 lbs)
TJ Waldburger (170.5 lbs) vs. Pete Spratt (168.75 lbs)
David Roberts (154.75 lbs) vs. Chris Bowles (153 lbs)
CB Dollaway (186.25 lbs) vs. Hans Marrero (184 lbs)
Corey Salter (N/A) vs. Joel Traves (268 lbs)
David Morris (184 lbs) vs. Liam McCarty (185 lbs)
Justin Howard (244 lbs) vs. Jay McCown (245.75 lbs)

* The main event featuring Jeff Ford and Erik Paulson which was originally scheduled to take place at 205 lbs has now been switched to a heavyweight affair after it was announced that Jeff Ford was unable to make weight.

“I’ve been busting my ass to drop (to the required weight), running, hitting the sauna two times a day, training, dieting, not eating,” said an obviously irritated Paulson. “I dropped down to 205 (Thursday) night and then I got news after I got out of the sauna that (Ford) was about 230 and that he was not going to be able (to make weight).”



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