Has DirecTV Spoiled the Big Announcement?

Everyone on the internets is posting this so I thought that I’d follow suit.

DirecTV is currently promoting a deal where you can buy the next three UFC PPV events (UFC 77, 78, and 79) for $120 along with a slew of free stuff. $150 if you are all about HD like David Singer. However their little ad for the package may have spoiled the potential huge announcement that was set to take place Saturday night.


Well if this turns out to be 100% true, I can assure you that I won’t be the only one jumping for joy. That and I won’t have to lose my left eye. (See comments here)

Update 7:05 PM: DirecTV has now removed the graphic from the page, replacing it with a message stating that the matchups for UFC 79 will be posted when they are announced.


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