Guillard Upsets Dunham at “Troops II”

Melvin Guillard. Photo courtesy of Silver Star Casting Company.

Melvin Guillard promises that he'll be either fighting for the UFC lightweight title or going undefeated for a second straight year in 2011. He's off to a running start.

Guillard put on one of his most impressive performances to date, easily dispatching of the world-ranked Evan Dunham with a barrage of punches and knees in the first round of their main event bout at the UFC's second "Fight for the Troops" event at Fort Hood, TX.

"I want my title shot. I'm the dark horse in this game at 155. No disrespect to anybody in my weight class, but I am the best 155-pound fighter in the UFC," Guillard said after the fight. "You keep lining them up and I'll keep knocking them down, and I will go undefeated in 2011, and I will get a title by the end of 2011 or by 2012 at the latest."

Guillard pulled ahead early, dropping Dunham with an electric left-right combination that seemingly came out of nowhere due to its speed. From there, Dunham struggled to recover, stumbling around the cage and looking for a miracle takedown while Guillard wailed away, eventually finishing the Xtreme Couture product off with some hard knees to the face.

Mitrione, Hominick Blitz Opponents

Former "TUF 10" heavyweight contestant Matt Mitrione improved his perfect record to 4-0, showing off the continual evolution of his skills in stopping traveled veteran Tim Hague less than three minutes into their co-headlining attraction.

Mitrione dropped Hague twice with straight jabs. The second stunned Hague badly and Mitrione took advantage, swarming his opponent and pounding away with a mix of punches and hammerfists until Hague began to unintelligently defend himself, forcing the referee to jump in.

Meanwhile, Hominick secured a shot at Jose Aldo's UFC featherweight champion with an absolute mauling of former training partner George Roop.

At first glance, it's hard to assert that Roop even landed a single punch. Hominick was the aggressor from start to finish, sending Roop tumbling to the canvas on three separate occasions.

Following the third blow, Roop found himself nearly seated against the cage and Hominick landed a final left hook that caused referee Don Turnage to intervene. However, Turnage immediately walked away from Roop, resulting in Hominick and his coaching staff having to tend to Roop themselves, drawing the ire of UFC commentator Joe Rogan during the broadcast.

“If you’re next in line for a title shot, you’ve got to go out there and prove it," Hominick said.  "I believe I did that with my fists tonight. I believe my stand-up is far superior to everybody's [in the featherweight division]. Jose is next. I think he’s the best pound-for-pound, but he’s never faced anyone like me, and I’m going to go out there and prove it.”

Barry Struggles, Wiman Impresses

The disparity between stand-up effiency between Pat Barry and Joey Beltran was easy to see. Barry dabbled in K-1, Beltran is a brawler. Still, it was Beltran that nearly escaped with a decision over his counterpart thanks to Barry's over-willingness to look for the home-run shot.

Barry started to land his thunderous trademark leg kicks in the first round, but spent much of it circling and measuring Beltran, who was content to do much of the same. Barry continued his assault into the second, but Beltran scored points on the judges' scorecards with a barrage of short punches and uppercuts that Barry refused to block.

Beltran stayed true to his strategy in the third, but Barry finally put his opponent away for good during the final seconds of the fight, damaging Beltran's leg to the point that he could no longer stand. Yet, Barry had to settle for an unanimous decision.

"Fight for the Troops II" had lightweights Cole Miller and Matt Wiman kick off the live broadcast. The bout was expected to be a close affair. That wasn't the case.

Wiman dominated Miller on the feet and on the mat for a full fifteen minutes, with Miller in survival mode for the final two rounds. The decision win was Wiman's third in a row, once again propelling him into the upper echelon at 155 lbs.

Preliminary Results

Yves Edwards def. Cody McKenzie - Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 4:33, R2
DaMarcus Johnson def. Mike Guymon - Submission (Body Triangle) 3:22, R1
Rani Yahya def. Mike Brown - Unanimous Decision
Waylon Lowe def. Willamy Friere - Unanimous Decision
Charlie Brenneman def. Amilcar Alves - Unanimous Decision
Chris Cariaso def. Will Campuzano - Unanimous Decision


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