GSP Uneasy About Move to Middleweight

Georges St. Pierre. Photo courtesy of Under Armour.

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of the top three MMA organizations in North America all holding events in a three-day span was a story that didn't receive the amount of attention that it should have.

Following Diego Sanchez's controversial win over Martin Kampmann on Thursday, UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre joined the crew of the UFC on Versus III's post-fight show.

Naturally, St. Pierre was asked about a planned superfight between him and Anderson Silva if he were to defeat Jake Shields at UFC 129 on April 30. His reaction was surprising.

Video of the interview is below:

"I don't know," St. Pierre said when asked if he actually wanted a fight with Silva to take place. "I have to sit down with my entourage and first see where this fight is going to take place and a bunch of stuff.

"I don't know if I'm going to go up to 185. I have no idea. It's a complete reorientation of my career. I have a lot to lose. I haven't thought about it and sat down [long enough] to talk about it."

St. Pierre has long maintained that if he moves up to middleweight, he would not venture back down to 170 lbs because of the amount of muscle and weight he would have to gain, a process that in his mind could take a very long time.

The 29-year-old wants does not want to be undersized for the new division, and rightfully so. He also doesn't want to add on the extra muscle in an unhealthy fashion. But St. Pierre's biggest concern is facing a fighter that also seems to dwarf his foes even while fighting a weight class ahead at 205 lbs.

"It would take a while," said St. Pierre of the weight gain. "Anderson is a huge guy. He's [walking] around [at] 230 lbs. He's very big. Even when he fights at light heavyweight, he looks bigger than the other guys."

While many will maintain that a fight between St. Pierre and Silva could easily be made because of a disparity of only one weight class, few realize the sheer size difference between the two men.

St. Pierre has only reached a natural weight of 190 lbs in the past year and a half while Silva remains one of the middleweights willing to cut down from heavyweight proportions. Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin was also known to walk around in between fights at around 220-225 lbs.

I do eventually think that St. Pierre will make the jump to middleweight. He loves to challenge himself and is running out of intriguing matchups at welterweight that he hasn't already participated in once and even two times before in some cases.

However, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. Even though Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Anderson Silva are all gung-ho about putting the dream fight together, no one really bothered to ask Georges St. Pierre if he was seriously interested beyond a casual question.


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