Griffin Discusses Jardine Loss, Ramirez Matchup, and Health

Forrest Griffin has been on a bumpy ride ever since he stepped foot into the UFC. Things started really well for Forrest - winning the first season of The Ultimate Fighter was followed up with a pair of decisive wins over Bill Mahood and Elvis Sinosic. Then came time for a fight on the big stage with none other than Tito Ortiz. Griffin fought his heart out only to lose a split decision to Ortiz in a fight that many fans and insiders believe that Griffin won, myself included.

Griffin bounced back with his second victory over Stephan Bonnar and then things took a turn for the worst. Griffin was stopped by Keith Jardine at UFC 66, a loss that left him pouring out his emotion in the middle of the Octagon for the whole world to see. The UFC matched him up with Lyoto Machida for UFC 70 but Griffin was forced to pull out due to a recurring staph infection.

However with a long break behind him, Griffin is back, mentally refreshed, and healthy. He’s currently scheduled to take on Hector Ramirez at UFC 72 next weekend. Griffin spoke to the media Thursday afternoon about his loss to Jardine, his upcoming fight with Ramirez, and his health - both mental and physical. As always, Griffin was very candid with his answers…

When asked about his loss to Jardine, Griffin admitted that he acted like a sore loser and didn’t mean to cry like that in front of everyone on PPV.

“I’m a poor loser,” Griffin said. “I started freaking out and acting like a little bitch right there in the cage but I got it all out right away so that was good. I was fine once we got back into the locker room. He hit a lot harder than I thought he would and my chin wasn’t as good as I thought it was. “I’ve been knocked out before but that was the first time I was on ‘queer street’.”

Griffin was also questioned about his opponent for June 16th, Hector Ramirez. He was asked about Ramirez’s fighting style, what he brings to the table, and how he’s approaching the fight.

“Hector brings heavy hands and good wrestling to this fight,” stated Griffin. “I don’t really know what my mindset is right now. I just want to fight. I heard that Hector was in Los Angeles the other day and I was kind of hoping that we could drive half way to meet each other, bring a camera, and do it right there.”

“My biggest concern in this fight is getting knocked out again,” said Griffin. “He’s got heavy hands. I guess I don’t have the chin that I thought I did. I haven’t really made many changes though. I don’t know, I was thinking about maybe defending against punches for a little bit this time around. Maybe I’ll be more tentative. The ideal thing for me is to get caught a couple of times and then gain confidence but I guess we’ll see what happens.”

Griffin’s health has been up and down ever since he was stopped by Jardine in December of last year. Griffin cracked jokes about his health and talked a little bit about what he went through with the staph infection he acquired.

“My health is horrible,” joked Griffin. “I have Herpes, Hepatitis C, and all kinds of nasty shit. But as long as the blood tests work out, I’ll be alright. The most interesting thing is going to be my cardio though. I think taking antibiotics for a month straight like I did is probably bad. Right now going to fight on an island is the biggest concern for me.”

“As far as the staph infection goes… Yeah, I don’t know what was going on with me,” Griffin said. “I guess I just had the shittiest immune system ever. I got it, thought I was better, it came back on my leg, and I amputated that son of a bitch, cut it right off.”

All joking aside, MMA on Tap would like to wish Forrest Griffin the best of luck in his fight against Hector Ramirez next weekend…


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