Godzilla to Battle The Young Assassin

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has officially announced that lightweight warriors Melvin Guillard and Gabe Ruediger will face off in the octagon at UFC 63. This fight will be Guillard’s third appearance in the UFC and he plans on welcoming UFC newcomer Gabe Ruediger with a big knockout.

“I’ve never met the guy and I know he’s a former WEC champion, but honestly, I don’t like him,” said Guillard, 38-6-3.  “I finally get an opponent that I just love to hate.  He’s coming into the UFC and I’m gonna welcome him like I welcomed Rick Davis.  I’m definitely knocking this guy out.”

“He’s a very strong opponent with a wealth of experience,” said ‘Godzilla’. “He’s explosive, but with a lot of technical errors to exploit.”

Statements like that have gotten Guillard’s blood boiling.

“He said that I’m athletic but not a tactician and that he’s gonna finish me,” said Guillard.  “If this dude actually thinks he’s gonna submit me, he’s got another thing coming.” 


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