Gladitor Challenge 57 Results

Here are the full results from Gladiator Challenge 57: Holiday Beatings.

Bo Cantrell def. Cal Worsham - KO
Jeremiah Metcalf def. James Fanshier - Decision (Split)
Jason Geris def. Justin Bailey - TKO
Chance Williams def. Nemeth Gabor - TKO
Anthony Ruiz def. Jeremy Freitag - TKO
Nate Loughran def. Robert Sarkozi - Submission (Triangle Choke)
Josh Hinkle def. Nick Covert - TKO
Jeff Morris def. Allen Scoville - Submission (Keylock)
Rick Cheek def. Dave Huckaba - TKO
Dave Rowan def. Sam Stevens-Milo - Decision (Split)
Dave Espinosa def. Jesse Bowen - Decision (Unanimous)
Walter Patterson def. Noah Schnabel - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


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