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Tonight I will be going live at 9 PM EST, covering the GFC: Evolution card with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave comments throughout the night…

GFC: Evolution

Branden Lee Hinkle vs. Cacareco
Jacare vs. Bill Vucick
Thomas Denny vs. Fredson Piaxao
Adam Disabato vs. Chris Brennan
Damian Maia vs. Ryan Stout
Phil Cardella vs. Rafeal Dias
Leopoldo Serao vs. Rob Wince
Nissen Osterneck vs. Chris Myers
Matt Brown vs. Daniel Moraes
George Bush vs. Vinicius Malgahaes
Adiano Nasal vs. Michael O’Donnel

- Finally it’s time to get going after that long boring intro.

- They are currently showing the typical pre-fight interviews.

- Ronnie Duncan is the host with Cesar Gracie and Erik Apple standing by his side. Where is Nick Diaz… Ah well, Apple is no slouche in the booth. Keith David is acting as the GFC cage announcer.

- Here is the bout order:

Matt Brown vs. Daniel Moraes
Phil Cardella vs. Rafael Dias
Damian Maia vs. Ryan Stout
Adam Disabato vs. Chris Brennan
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Bill Vucick
Branden Lee Hinkle vs. Alexandre Ferreira
Thomas Denny vs. Fredson Paixao

Matt Brown vs. Daniel Moraes

- After some technical difficulties, Brown makes his way to the hexagon.

- Shortly after Moraes makes his was to the hex walking to some classic GnR.

Round 1:

They come out and size each other up early. Brown comes out looking to strike. Moraes throws a good overhand right followed by a leg kick. Brown moves forward and fires off a shot to the body. Moraes responds and then they clinch and Moraes secures an excellent takedown. Moraes immediately gains half guard and starts to throw shots from the top. Moraes ties up one of Brown’s arms and rains down three shots. Moraes moves to mount while Brown holds on tight. Moraes postures up and begins to rain down some hard shots from the top. Good elbows from the top and then moves into an armbar. He sinks it in tight immediately and Brown taps.

Daniel Moraes - Winner Submission (Armbar)

- Next up is Phil Cardella vs. Rafael Dias.

Phil Cardella vs. Rafael Dias

Round 1:

They come out with a glove touch. Cardella comes out quickly looking for strikes. Dias clinchs and pushes Cardella up against the cage. Cardella goes for a flying triangle while he is against the fence. The fight hits the canvas and Dias gets top position. Dias stands over top of Cardella and fires down some hard rights. Dias moves into Cardella’s guard as Cardella throws some elbows from the bottom. Dias continues to work feverishly from the top landing some hard rights. Dias moves to the half guard. Dias smothers Cardella from the top. Cardella attempts to go for a kimura but fails. They exchange a few weak shots and then Dias postures up and throws a few hard rights. Dias continues to posture up and land shots. Cardella lands a very hard upkick that stuns Dias. Dias settles into Cardella’s guard and eats a few elbows from the bottom. Dias regains himself and stands back up. They scramble and end up back in Cardella’s guard. Dias postures up again and it results in another scramble. Cardella continues to throw some hard elbows from the bottom as Dias postures up with hard rights. Cardella throws an illegal kick from the bottom. Mario Yamasaki allows them to continue. The round ends with an elbow from Cardella.

Round 2:

The second begins with a glove touch. Dias comes out with a few hard strikes and then he secures a takedown. They scramble for top position. After a great scramble Cardella secures top position. Cardella works from the half guard. Cardella throws a few good lefts from the top. Cardella traps Dias’s arm as he throws a few lefts. Dias showing a nice welt on his forehead. Cardella attempts to roll for a triangle but Dias is able to get free and gain top position. Cardella continues to toss elbow from the bottom. Cardella throws some lefts from the bottom as Dias lays on top. Cardella begins to grind his elbow in the face of Dias. Cardella momentarily utilizes the rubber guard. Cardella continues to work from the bottom as Dias lays in his guard. Cardella looks for a triangle but Dias doesn’t budge. Finally Dias postures up and throws a few shots before laying back into Cardella’s guard. The move close to the cage as Cardella pounds away from the bottom. The round ends wtih Dias laying in Cardella’s guard.

Round 3:

Glove touch to start the round. Cardella fires off a head kick and then they clinch. Cardella attempts to stuff the takedown but Dias is able to secure the takedown. As was the case in the first two rounds, Cardella frantically worked from the bottom throwing short left hands. Dias moves to the half guard as he looks for a head and arm choke. Unfortunately for Dias, Cardella stuffed the attempt and regained guard. Cardella begins grinding his elbow in Dias’ face and then the fight is stood back up. Cardella attempts to throw a shot and he is immediately take to the canvas. Again he works from the bottom throwing plenty of elbows. Cardella begins to slam his heel off Dias’ thigh as Dias does very little. Cardella continues to land from the bottom as Dias lays in his guard. Dias attempts a couple of punches but Cardella shows solid defence. Dias lands a few short shots. Crowd beginning to boo as they want a stand-up. Cardella works from the bottom as he attempts both strikes and submissions. 10 seconds left… Dias finally postures up but he does nothing as the round ends.

Phil Cardella - Winner Decision (Unanimous)

- They are currently showing a segment with Branden Lee Hinkle…

- Next up is Damian Maia vs. Ryan Stout.

Damian Maia vs. Ryan Stout

- Maia comes out first walking very slowly looking calm and composed.

- Stout comes out next with his hands in the air as he comes out with the hometown crowd behind him. Stout garners a huge reception as he prepares to enter the hexagon.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch as Maia comes out with a few kicks. They end up clashing shins and then Maia secures a very easy takedown. Maia works from the top as Stout tries to keep guard. Maia moves to side control. Moments later Maia moves to mount. Stout holds on while Maia begins to rain down shots. Stout squirms from the bottom. Maia attempts to roll to the back but Stout scrambles and gains top position. Maia quickly reverses him again, landing in the mount. In a weird turn of events, Stout begins to tap grimacing in pain. It looks like Stouts shoulder popped out of its socket. The doctors immediately rush into the ring and begin working on him.

Damian Maia - Winner Tapout (Injury)

- On the replay it showed that something clearly happened to Stout’s right shoulder during the sweep which caused him to immediately start tapping.

- Cesar Gracie enters the ring and interviews Maia. Maia states that he hopes everything is alright and he thanks the crowd in Ohio.

- They showed a clip of Nissen Osterneck vs. Chris Myers. Nissen Osterneck quickly put the fight to the canvas and won the fight as the ref jumped in immediately (weird stoppage).

- Up next is Adam Disabato vs. Chris Brennan.

Adam Disabato vs. Chris Brennan

- Disabato comes out first garnering a great reception being the hometown fighter. Disabato walked out to “Bodies Hit the Floor” while Mark Coleman walks by his side.

- Next out is Chris Brennan walking to “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor.

- As the in-ring announcer introduces the fighters, Disabato receives a solid reaction and PRIDE vet Chris Brennan is booed.

Round 1:

The round begins with a glove touch. The come out slow looking for openings. Disabato throws out a few jabs that misses. Disabato attempts a punch and then charges forward looking for the clinch but Brennan avoids it. Brennan begins to work his jab followed by a good low kick. Disabato charges forward again and secures the takedown. They scramble and Disabato keeps top position. Brennan rolls for a heel hook. He sinks it in deep and before Disabato can attempt to defend he is laying face down on the canvas tapping. Brennan quickly jumps up and begins celebrating as he does a backflip in the middle of the hex.

Chris Brennan - Winner Submission (Toe Hold)

- Apple enters the cage to interview Brennan. Brennan states that he trained very hard for the fight and also he shows some love for Jeremy Williams who recently passed away. Said there was a ton of cracking when he applied the submission. “I want to dedicate this fight to Jeremy Williams.”

- They are currently showing a video segment with Relson Gracie.

- Up next is Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Bill Vucick.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Bill Vucick

- The Pittsburgh, PA native, Bill Vucick walks out first with his arms raised in the air.

- Next out is BJJ monster Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Jacare sports the black gi top as he jumps around looking to be in excellent shape.

Round 1:

They come out with a glove touch and then get to work. Vucick throws a low kick early that misses. Jacare moves forward as Vucick looks to implement his hands. Vucick attempts a superman punch which Jacare shoots off of. Jacare puts Vucick on his back and moves to side control. Jacare throws a few short elbows. Jacare gets knee on belly but then decides to use his punches. Jacare slams Vucick’s head of the canvas with numerous elbows. He then moves to mount and begins raining down bombs as Vucick attempts to cover up. Vucick eats some heavy bombs and before eventually tapping out.

- After the fighter Jacare begins imatating a crocodile on the canvas of the cage. Vucick’s face showing a great deal of damage after the fight.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza - Winner TKO (Strikes from Mount)

- They are currently interview Thomas “Wildman” Denny who stated his favorite fighter is Takanori Gomi and he’d like to train with him in the future. Denny also stated he trained with Team Wildman for this fight.

- The fill some time by showing Adriano Pereira vs. Joey Whitt.

Adriano Pereira vs. Joey Whitt

Round 1:

Pereira gets a takedown early and begins to work from side mount. He throws a few weak shots as Whitt regains guard. Pereira throws some weak shots from the top. Whitt tries rolling which allows Pereira to take his back. They scramble and Pereira gets into the position to sink in a head and arm choke. It’s in deep but luckily Whitt is able to get free. Pereira works from side control as he tosses a few elbows to the body. He traps Whitt’s arm and fires off a few shots. Whitt gives up his back again as they lay on the canvas. Pereira sinks in the hooks and begins to rain down bombs as he flattens Whitt out. After a ton of bombs Pereira sinks in the choke and Whitt taps out.

Adriano Pereira - Winner Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

- Up next is Branden Lee Hinkle vs. Alexandre Ferreira.

Branden Lee Hinkle vs. Alexandre Ferreira

- UFC veteran Branden Lee Hinkle comes out first gaining a great reaction as he walks with “The Hammer” Mark Coleman.

- Ferreira comes out next walking to “In Da Club” by 50 Cent.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Hinkle moves forward tossing a lazy jab. Ferreira secures a huge takedown. Ferreira then stands behind Hinkle when they return to the feet. Ferreira quickly drops down and goes for a heel hook. He locks it in and Hinkle immediately falls to the canvas. Hinkle cannot get out so he begins firing off some illegal kicks before tapping out. Hinkle has a terrible limp after the fight.

Alexandre Ferreira - Winner Submission (Heel Hook)

- Up next is Thomas Denny vs. Fredson Paixao.

Thomas Denny vs. Fredson Paixao

- Denny comes walking out to a live rap performance, lame… Denny should get lessons from Mayweather Jr. (50 Cent).

- Paixao walks out to some Eminem as he looks to be a very thick individual.

- This in-ring announcer is terrible, in this title fight he said “The fight will be three 3-minute rounds” and afterwards he stoods there and was corrected by everyone in the audience who screamed “FIVE”.

Round 1:

The round starts with a quick glove touch. Denny comes out with a couple of left jabs. Denny gets in two good rights as he stuffs a takedown attempt from Paixao. Paixao attempts a hard leg kick that misses. Denny comes forward again with the left jab. Denny fires off a good right. A few more left jabs from Denny and then Paixao secures a very easy takedown. Paixao immediately moves to side control. They scramble as Denny tries to get out of the bottom position. Paixao attempts to hold his position but Denny stands up. Denny ducks in for a single leg. Paixao gets ahold of Denny’s head and throws a good knee. They break free and meet in the middle. Denny tosses out a few jabs followed by a 1-2 that Paixao blocks. Denny throws two overhands that miss. Paixao shoots in again and secures another easy takedown. He gains top position and then they scramble. Paixao sweeps Denny with an omaplata. Paixao gains mount where he fires off a few hard shots. Paixao looking for an armbar. Denny squirming on the bottom as Paixao puts on a clinic from the top. Denny with a big cut on his head. Paixao rolls into an armbar and Denny is forced to tapout.

- New GFC Welterweight Champion Fredson Paixao.

Fredson Paixao - Winner Submission (Armbar)

- That’s all she wrote folks. Thanks for following along, be sure to tune in next Saturday for UFC 71: Rampage vs. Liddell II.


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