Gassaway Ready for Veteran Test in Landi-Jons

Brian Gassaway weighs-in for UFC 54: Boiling Point. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Similar to his long-time training partner Shonie Carter, Brian Gassaway has fought and won in various mixed martial arts promotions all around the world.

The experience he has gained can’t be measured in terms of it’s importance, it’s obvious that it adds an entirely different dimension to his game compared to those who only have a dozen fights or so in the sport. However his experience will likely be put to the test later tonight, as he will take on fellow veteran Jose Landi-Jons in the main event of TKO 32: Ultimatum.

Despite riding a constant wave of disappointment - Landi-Jons has lost nine out of his thirteen bouts since knocking out Matt Hughes in 2004 - Gassaway still acknowledges the former co-founder of Chute Boxe as one of the greatest fighters out there.

“I have to say that it’s an honor to fight someone as good as “Pele”,” Gassaway said during a recent interview session. “I have to be honest, I’m going into the twilight of my career. Who knows how much longer I’m going to be fighting. At this stage, I just want to be able to fight the best guys that I can and Landi-Jons is definitely one of them.”

Gassaway is coming off of two unsuccessful stints inside the confines of the Zuffa-owned Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Extreme Cagefighting promotions. Despite not looking very good in his either of his fights, the Chicago native hopes that he can win enough fights in order to receive one more shot.

“The biggest thing I regret in my fights against Sanchez and Alessio is that I wasn’t aggressive enough,” Gassaway said. “I don’t know what it was, maybe the bright lights and everything, but I definitely should have opened up and thrown my hands more. I’m not going to make that mistake in this fight though, that’s for sure.”

On paper, one can obviously see that this fight was the potential to be an absolute slugfest on the feet. While Landi-Jons is a Muay Thai phenomenon, Gassaway is also a multiple-time World Karate Champion.

Even though 2008 will now mark his twelfth year as a professional, Gassaway still believes that the majority of fans still haven’t seen everything he can do on the feet.

“I’m being honest when I say that I believe the world has yet to see what I’m capable of on my feet,” Gassaway said. “I’d like to show some of that against “Pele. This is a great matchup for both of us and for the fans. I plan to put on a show. I always love to stand and strike and I certainly know that he does too.”

While making the fight exciting is always on the agenda, Gassaway still knows the importance of this fight and what it can do for his career.

“I’d love to stand and bang but my game plan going into this fight is too make him uncomfortable, take him out of his element,” Gassaway said. “This fight can go anywhere. Whether I’ll have to impose my will on him standing or on the ground will have to wait until fight time, but one thing is for certain, I plan on winning this fight.”


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