Game Over for IFO-Steele Cage

The International Fighting Organization, an upstart MMA promotion that was spearheaded by hall of fame boxing referee Richard Steele has apparently permanently halted operations.

The news comes from a report by Brian O’Hara of The Fight Network.

The promotion, which also ran under the name “Steele Cage”, will now sell all of the organization’s assets to another company according to CEO Steve Oshins. Along with Oshins, IFO VP John Stachofsky will also be working with the undisclosed promotion in a new role as well.

“We cannot comment at this time, because we have something in the works that will be announced in the next few weeks. It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be better,” Stachofsky said to The Fight Network.

The end of the promotion has not come without a fair share of drama. Oshins and Stachofsky believe that Rico White, the former director of sales for the IFO and the new president of the brand new International Fighting Championship, has used the IFO name in order to promote himself and his new venture.

“It doesn’t bother me that someone else wants to put on shows; I’m not jealous about it,” said Stachofsky. “But when you go out and present yourself as somebody you’re not, or as somebody else, that’s not right. You don’t make yourself look like the IFO and tell everybody basically that you’re the IFO and let everybody assume you’re the IFO.”



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