Frank Trigg and Jake Shields Exchange Words

A few weeks ago Jake Shields went on the record calling out UFC veteran Frank Trigg saying “I’m wishing Frank Trigg would step up and fight me but I think he is scared. The guy has always talked shit to me and stuff but then he won’t fight me. He runs his mouth but when the contract gets thrown in front of him he always has an excuse not to fight me.”

It’s not the first time Trigg and Shields have exchanged words but last night both fighters joined MMAWeekly’s Sound Off Radio to exchange pleasantries. Shields graced the airwaves first announcing his upcoming fight with Charuto and discussing a possible fight with Trigg.

“I’m waiting because to me it sounded like everything was finalized you know? From the promoter to Trigg’s manager and everything but now Trigg is saying different so I don’t know. Maybe he is playing games. Maybe he signed the contract and he is ready to fight, I don’t know. Maybe he is trying to mess with my head, who knows what’s going on. Or Maybe he doesn’t want to fight and he is trying to get out of it. Maybe there was some poor communication between him and his manger because I think traditionally he said he would fight anyone on the their show so maybe he didn’t think they were going to get me when he said anyone and then when he found out he changed his mind, I don’t know. They just set it up because Trigg told them anyone.”

Shields stated that he would be willing to take the fight at 185 lbs. but he’d need more time to bulk up. According to reports the scheduled showdown between Frank Trigg and Jake Shields was proposed for 175 lbs. but Trigg turned the fight down because “he is a 185 lbs. fighter.”

Later during the broadcast Frank Trigg joined the air and provided his thoughts on the situation.

“What promoter is going to put it on? Who is going to pay my f**king rate? and where is it going to be seen and who is going to do it? So now he has put a challenge out there that he wants to fight me and that he is going to come in at 185 lbs. Well who the f**k cares? Is the UFC going to pick it up?, WEC?, Bodog?, IFL? Who the hell is going to pick it up… Who gives a shit.”

I guess it came out last night that Jake has signed the contract and I wasn’t signing my contract. I don’t have a contract in front of me. There is no contract in front of me so I don’t know what he is talking about. Why would I fight Jake Shields? What does this do for me? What does it bring? Well it doesn’t bring anything. Who knows who Jake is besides the diehard mainstream MMA fans, who knows who Jake is? I guess he is 7th ranked at 170 lbs, I am 10th ranked at 185 lbs. So it’s two different weight classes. I have a weekly show on Fox Sports Net and two weeks ago I was on three different shows on Fox. So what does Jake bring to the table when he fights me? Nothing. He doesn’t bring fans from outside the realm of MMA, he doesn’t bring any notoriety, he doesn’t bring anything other then his mouth. All he is really bring to the table is his big mouth. There is nothing else he brings to the fight.

Fans are not coming to watch him, fans are coming to watch me. Fans aren’t coming to watch him fight, they are coming to watch me fight. Fans aren’t buying pay-per-views, t-shirts or hats for him other then his little crew of guys he trains with and the little crew of guys he has up in San Francisco, they are all coming for me. So to fight Jake for me is kind of stupid. It doesn’t make any sense.”


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