Frank Shamrock Stirring The Pot

Pro Elite held a live chat session with former UFC Middleweight Champion Frank Shamrock this past Thursday on their official website. The transcript to the chat is here.

Let’s just say that some things that Shamrock said were pretty interesting. Here’s a summary and some thoughts on some of the more notable things that Frank had to say.

- He plans to fight for 10 more years. It will add up to a total of 21 fights and he will fight once every six months. I can guarantee that this won’t happen. Tomorrow will already be six months since he fought Baroni for starters.

- He says that he and Ken are planning to fight in 2009. His reasoning behind wanting to fight Ken is the amount of “bullying” his brother put on him when they were younger. Something tells me that while it’ll be fun to watch, this fight will come off more like a freak show to the mainstream media.

- Shamrock made another “Josh Thomson is gay” claim. I’m not going to touch on that one since it’s been reported that Thomson is preparing to take legal action against Frank.

- Notable fighters that he expressed interest in fighting: Renzo Gracie, Cung Le, Tito Ortiz, Robbie Lawler, Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Matt Lindland, Kazushi Sakuraba, and his brother Ken Shamrock. He also stated that he would easily defeat both Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice. It’s interesting because although they both out-weigh Frank by 30-60 pounds, their lack of experience would most likely give Frank a huge advantage.


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