Franca Talks Steroids, Release from UFC

Hermes Franca weighs-in for UFC 73: Stacked. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

While it seems a lot longer, it’s only been a couple of weeks since Hermes Franca came to terms on his release from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Following a positive test for steroids under the watch of the California State Athletic Commission, an accusation that he has since confirmed as being true, Franca now finds himself unable to fight until the summer.

However that doesn’t mean that he can’t have a lot on his mind.

Franca was a guest on The Lights Out Show yesterday, a member of the TAGG Radio network. The main topic of discussion was Franca’s steroid use and the aftermath of his decision.

“Nothing like it had ever happened before,” Franca told hosts Chris Fries and The JDH when asked about the CSAC’s test results. “It was really bad news. I’m not a liar. I made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. So I told everyone around me what I did. I could care less about Sean Sherk and what he does. I don’t want to lie to everyone.”

According to Franca, he asked to be released from his contract with the UFC in order to attempt to fight outside of the United States. However Franca quickly learned that going ahead with his plan might not be in his best interests.

“After the test, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to fight,” Franca said. “I’ was so used to constantly fighting that I didn’t know what I was going to do. I thought I’d be able to fight in Japan, England, or Canada…in another country. So I called Armando Garcia and he explained to me that I’d be able to fight in another country but I’d have a hard time coming back and fighting in the United States if I fought during my suspension.”

“I think the time off will be good though,” Franca continued. “Now I get to work on the business side of things. I have time to teach my fighters and heal my body.”

One of the most interesting bits of information Franca shared was the fact that he was pressured into his lightweight title against former champion Sean Sherk last July. Still recovering from lingering injuries, Franca ultimately turned to steroids in order to help his body prepare for the biggest fight of his career.

“When I was hurt I got lost,” Franca explained. “I wanted to fight for the belt and make my dreams come true. But Joe Silva told me that I had to fight Sean Sherk at UFC 73 and there was no other way around it without him finding another opponent. A lot of guys in the division wouldn’t be able to fight like Kenny Florian. I brought up Roger Huerta but Joe said that he wasn’t ready. So I took the steroids. However I learned my lesson.

While Franca has said that the split from the UFC was mutual and that he would love to return to the promotion in the future, the former Armory co-founder revealed that other organizations have been in contact regarding his services.

“My manager has been busy lately,” Franca said. “He’s had a lot on his hands, getting a lot of phone calls but nothing is for sure right now. I still have about four or five months before I’ll be able and ready to fight again though. Nothing is for sure with the UFC. I’m not a star but I don’t think the UFC doesn’t have any reason to not let me back. I left on good terms and there were no bad feelings but it’s all up to them so we’ll see what happens.”

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