Follow Up to Pride Being Sold

Just a quick follow up to the story about Pride being sold to the Fertittas.  Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, who in recent days has repeatedly hinted that the sale of Pride may actually be to the FEG,  the owners if K-1, rather than the Fertittas, now has the following story on his website.

—Nobuyuki Sakakibara yesterday told several members of the U.S. Pride staff that the company is in the proces of being sold to Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta. He said the agreement in principal is done but there are still some minor points to be worked out and the contract is not signed. Sakakibara said he would be leaving the company but that everyone would be keeping their jobs. The company would be operated separately from UFC, but obviously UFC could use any Pride fighter for a big match that it needed.

We’ll keep an eye on this continuing story.


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