Five Questions for Dan Lauzon

Dan Lauzon. Photo courtesy of World Championship Fighting.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, this interview was done prior to Chris Horodecki being found injured by the California State Athletic Commission. Lauzon’s answers regarding questions about Horodecki have been edited out, but hopefully this interview is enjoyable nonetheless.

After over two years out of the spotlight since becoming the youngest fighter to ever compete in the UFC, Dan Lauzon will jump back into the big time when he takes on Total Fighting Alliance veteran Bobby Green at Affliction Entertainment’s “Day of Reckoning” show this weekend in Anaheim, California.

Lauzon was gracious enough to grant MMA on Tap an interview before his first fight of the new year, in which he discusses his appearance on Tapout’s reality show, his fight against Spencer Fisher, and how he has improved as a fighter since then.

MMA on Tap: You were featured on the most recent season of Tapout’s reality show on Versus and were shown in a way that not many expected. Your brother Joe was very critical of how the episode came out after it aired. How did you feel about the way you were portrayed?

Dan Lauzon: The show was almost a year ago. How I feel about now is much different than how I felt about it when it aired. When it aired, I was pissed because they left out so much better footage than they could have used. They basically told me exactly how the whole thing was going to go down. They told me to invite the guys over for dinner… I haven’t had a family dinner in who knows how long, but being new to the whole TV show thing. I just figured this is how they do it.

The whole show was scripted. We argued about me going to Sityodong and the producers finally talked me into going for 15 minutes and leaving. I was there for 20 minutes tops and left. They edit it to make it look like I was there for much longer. I fought on Friday night and they started filming on Monday. Do they really expect me to be going balls to the wall? If they wanted to see me going full-tilt, they should have come out earlier than four days before my fight. Not to mention I fought two weeks before that down in Atlanta. I was already in good shape.

What is your current relationship with Tapout now?

At this point, I’m not worried about the show, I’ve put it behind me. I haven’t talked to those guys since the show aired it doesn’t make a difference to me if I hear from them or not. Maybe they were really trying to help me. But, they knew exactly how they wanted to spin it and the way they spun it made my school, my team, and myself look like we don’t have what it takes to get to the next level.

What did you take from your one and only UFC fight against Spencer Fisher?

I was only 18 years old. I had only been fighting for six months and was only 4-0 with all submission wins. When I got the fight, I wasn’t expecting to win. I just knew it would be a huge learning experience. I handled myself pretty well in the first four minutes. None of the shots he hit me with really hurt me, I was just so tired. What I did learn is I need to learn some stand-up and learn how to really punish people on the ground.

You’ve now won seven out of your last eight fights in smaller shows. Do you feel that fighting in smaller venues has helped you improve your game and has it prepared you to be able to step back into a much bigger show like Affliction with more confidence?

Definitely. I’m ten-times the fighter now than I was when I fought Spencer. I’ve gone 7-1 since that fight and six of those wins are by either KO or TKO. My confidence is through the roof right now and I’m really looking forward to my Affliction debut.

Can you give us any details regarding your current contract with Affliction? Is it a multi-fight deal? Has the UFC been in contact with you since your release after the Spencer Fisher fight?

My contract with Affliction is for three fights. We have talked with the UFC and we told them about the Affliction deal. They were happy for me and it was the best choice for me at this point in my career. I’m very excited about the opportunity.


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