Evan Tanner Announces His Return

It’s official: Evan Tanner is back in action…

The rumor that he began training in preparation for his return to the UFC over the last few months was apparently true. Tanner let everyone know about his intentions via his official website earlier this morning:

Although I still plan on setting up the foundation, I’m going to be putting it’s further development on hold for a little while. There is something I want to do first and I want no distractions. I think I’d be in a much better position to make things happen for the foundation as the UFC Middleweight Champion. I’ve been fighting for a long time and I may be getting a little older, but I’m not too old to still kick a little ass.

As you can see in the quote, Tanner has decided to put his plans for his foundation on hold for a while. The decision comes after an apparent bad experience with the first fighter that was invited to the fight house.

No word yet on when Tanner will be fighting next but July or August seems like a reasonable time frame. One interesting rumor that I’ve heard would be a possible bout between Tanner and Kendall Grove at UFC 74 as part of an already expected to be stacked main card.


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