EliteXC Heat Weigh-ins and News

The weigh-in’s for tonight’s CBS broadcast of EliteXC Heat: Slice vs Shamrock took place yesterday and were not without their fair share of controversy.  Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock got into a physical pushing match while Jake Shields and Paul Daley also got very confrontational and had to be separated multiple times including behind the scenes.  And Gina Carano made weight.  But not without having to fully disrobe in front of the crowd covered by a few flimsy towels.  Here are the weights.

Main Card on CBS
Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson - 234.5 vs. Ken Shamrock - 206.5
Jake Shields - 169.75 vs. Paul Daley - 170
Andrei Arlovski - 240.75 vs. Roy Nelson - 262.75
Gina Carano - 141 vs. Kelly Kobold - 141
Benji Radach - 185 vs. Murilo “Ninja” Rua - 185

Preliminary Bouts:
Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos - 148.5 vs. Yoko Takahashi - 148.5
Edson Berto - 157.75 vs. Connor Heun - 160.75
Seth Petruzelli - 205.5 vs. Aaron Rosa - 204.75
Lorenzo Borgomeo - 170.25 vs. Mikey Gomez - 170.25
David Gomez - 138.75 vs. Bryan Hamade - 138.75
Jorge Bouchat - 159.5 vs. Nicolae Cury - 161.25

I have some opinions on this after the jump.

I’ve said this the last time Carano didn’t make weight and I’ll say it again. I blame EliteXC as much as Carano for these fiascos.  This time, Gina actually did make weight, but EXC was completely unprepared for the possibility that she would have to be be disrobed to do it.  Female boxing events has a circular curtain that they can raise around the fighter when weighing in!  But EXC does not have the foresight to be prepared for the very real possibility of a nude weigh-in.

Then its the weight itself.  Gina gets plenty of the blame from me for agreeing to fight at EliteXC’s made up weight class of 140.  But especially based on the past escapades, why does EXC continue to make her fight there?  The established women’s weight classes are 135 and 145.  Few have mentioned the fact that Cyborg and her opponent were allowed to weigh in at 148.5!  Just last week Kelly Kobold told reporters that she was weighing around 160.  I’m sure she would have been just fine weighing in at 145 as well.  But EXC continues to contract fights for Carano at 140.  If you are trying to keep your #2 box office draw happy, why do this? Don’t get me wrong, I hold Gina just as responsible for this. She signed the contract. But EXC should be smarter than this as well.

That Kimbo-Shamrock fracas was so staged, its not even funny. Pretty pathetic actually. Even Kimbo’s Icey Mike freaking out in front of the cameras complaining about it. Beyond stupid and it really makes me worried about Ken’s effort tonight.

The heat for Shields-Daley was real though. It continued well after the weigh-ins and into the back. There was even some mention of one of the fighters being moved to a different hotel as it got that heated between the camps.  Remember, Shields is with Cesar Gracie’s camp so there is little doubt that Nick and Nate Diaz were likely there as well and we know what that usually means.  This is going to be a hell of a fight.  Shields is always so cool and calm, and he fights that way.  Daley may be using some psychological warfare by trying to get under Jake’s skin enough that Shields tries to brawl with Semtex. That would play right into Semtex’s gameplan. Should be a great fight that I’m really looking forward to.


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