EliteXC Announces March 21 ShoXC Undercard

Shane DelRosario and Amedeo Viola weigh-in for a ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series show in October 2007. Photo by Tom Casino/EliteXC.

Elite Xtreme Combat has officially announced the up-to-date undercard for the upcoming next edition of ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series on March 21st.

The event is currently scheduled to take place at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California and will air live on Showtime starting at 11 PM ET.

Longtime mixed martial arts veteran Thomas Denny will collide with talented Muay Thai champion Malaipet Sitprapom in the main event.

“Like I’ve said, there are a lot of promising MMA fighters thirsting for an opportunity to show their stuff and make a name for themselves on the worldwide stage,’’ EliteXC President Gary Shaw said in a press release sent out to the media today. “ShoXC is the place where they can do it.”

The current fight card for the event is as follows:

Main Card:

Malaipet Sitprapom vs. Thomas Denny
Mark Oshiro vs. Chris Caraiso
Shane Del Rosario vs. Analu Brash
Cristiane Cyborg vs. Jen Case
Marlon Matias vs. Conor Huen

Preliminary Bouts:

Devin Howard vs. Mark Kempthorne
Amadeo Viola vs. Jason Williams
Luke Riddering vs. TBA
Kenny Johnson vs. TBA
Karen Darabedyn vs. TBA


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