Eddie Alvarez Unhappy With Bellator Direction, Wants Chandler Rematch

Eddie Alvarez. Photo courtesy of DREAM.

Former Bellator lightweight king Eddie Alvarez has voiced his frustration over his current situation with Bellator and continued to do so over the weekend. According to Alvarez, Bellator officials are adamant that he would have enter and make his way through another  tournament in order to get another crack at new champion Michael Chandler, who upset Alvarez in November of one of last year's best fights.

“I’m definitely not happy with the decision of putting me back into the tournament and having me do all that. I feel like if I went out and I fought Mike Chandler and he just completely dominated, I could understand them saying, ‘alright go back to the tournament, go back to the drawing board, and work your way up.’  I sort of look at it like you work your way up the corporate ladder and you show up 15 minutes late for work one day and you drove me back to the mail room.”


“I put more effort and more love into the promotion and I expected a little bit better back, but it is what it is and I understand the business.  I’m just glad that they were able to get Aoki over here so that I can avenge my loss. When the fans scream for a rematch because it was Fight of the Year and when it doesn’t happen, I’m kind of sad about that.”

Alvarez says that he has "eight or nine months or one or two fights" left on his Bellator deal. With an entry into the tournament fold highly unlikely, it looks like a rematch against Aoki and another superfight before Eddie jumps over to the UFC.


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