Drop to Lightweight Not Permanent for Sanchez

Diego Sanchez. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After months and months of rumors concerning his eventual drop to lightweight, Sanchez finally made the move to fight at a lower weight late last year after signing to fight Joe Stevenson in the main event of UFC 95 on February 21.

Despite the transition seeming practical due to his size, Sanchez recently told MMA Weekly’s “Sound Off” radio show that the move is only temporary:

Always known for his tremendous strength and cardio conditioning, Sanchez will not accept a loss in either of those categories for his move to lightweight, which may not last as long as some people may have expected.

“I definitely am going to go back to welterweight. Maybe a year, year and a half at this weight, we’ll see,” he said in the interview. “It’s all about the business and the right fights, whatever are the best fights for the UFC. I’m here to put the best fights on for the fans and the UFC, and be the best fighter out there that I can be for you guys.”

It was shown in Sanchez’s losses to Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck at welterweight that his ground-and-pound style isn’t very effective at 170 lbs, but could very well be at 155 lbs, which seems like a more natural weight for him to be fighting at. If he is going to move back to welterweight in the future, it would be wise for him to do so after the title contenders picture isn’t so wide open.


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