DREAM.5 Live Results

We will be going live at 2:00 AM ET with live results of tomorrow morning’s DREAM.5 event, which will take place at the Osaka Castle Hall in Japan. Those in North America will be able to watch the event live on HDNet tomorrow morning at 2 AM ET. It will air again via tape delay at 10 PM ET as well.

The show features the final round of the promotion’s inaugural lightweight grand prix - Eddie Alvarez, Caol Uno, Shinya Aoki, and Tatsuya Kawajiri will battle it out in a four-man tournament with the winners facing off for the GP title in the night’s main event. Additional featured bouts include a slugfest between Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem as well as a lightweight tourney reserve bout between Joachim Hansen and “Black Mamba” Kultar Gill.

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Daisuke Nakamura vs. Andy Ologun

Round 1: They exchange kicks to start things off. Ologun kicks Nakamura and he drops to the ground. Nakamura goes for the heel hook but Ologun sneaks out. They stand and Nakamura drops for an armbar. Ologun is caught and quickly taps out.

Winner: Daisuke Nakamura - Submission (Armbar)

Shinya Aoki vs. Caol Uno

Round 1: Slow start to the first. Each measuring each other out. Aoki misses with a high kick and then comes forward with a high kick. Aoki takes Uno down and lands in mount. Uno reverses position. Uno lands a bombing left and Aoki traps his arm. Uno escapes and continues to grapple. Aoki goes for a kneebar and the two flip around. Uno goes for a kneebar himself but they scramble. Aoki takes Uno’s back and lands in reverse side control. The referee stops to check the fighter’s gloves and they continue. Aoki takes Uno’s back and attempts a rear naked choke. Aoki flips to a triangle and looks to have Uno beat. Uno escapes and they stand and measure before the end of the round.

Round 2: Aoki takes Uno’s back again to start the round. They scramble and Uno takes Aoki’s back. They scramble and switch positions. They scramble again and Aoki lands in half guard. Aoki flips and takes Uno’s back. Aoki attempts a weak armbar. Uno goes to start some ground-and-pound and Aoki attempts a gogoplata before the fight ends. MMA on Tap scores the fight for Aoki. The judges agree.

Winner: Shinya Aoki - Unanimous Decision

Eddie Alvarez vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Round 1: Kawajiri throws a leg kick and Alvarez counters with a left-right combo. Alvarez stuffs a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. He gets out and clinches Kawajiri against the ropes. The referee breaks them. A flurry sees Alvarez shoot in for a takedown. Kawajiri stuffs it and they go toe-to-toe. Alvarez is cut. Toe-to-toe and Alvarez knocks Kawajiri down. They stand and go right back down. A timeout is called to check Alvarez’s cut. The bout is restarted. Kawajiri drops Alvarez with a right and pounces on him. Alvarez survives but Kawajiri controls him on the ground. Alvarez sweeps him and stands. Kawajiri puts Alvarez on a knee. Alvarez stuns Kawajiri. Toe-to-toe and Alvarez drops Kawajiri and pounds away until the referee stops him. Amazing fight that rivals Alvarez’s previous war with Joachim Hansen.

Winner: Eddie Alvarez - TKO (Strikes)

Joachim Hansen vs. Kultar Gill

Round 1: They clinch early and Gill throws knees early. Hansen takes Gill down. They scramble and stand up. The referee breaks them from the clinch. They exchange strikes. Gill takes Hansen down. Hansen tries for an armbar but Gill keeps pounding. Another attempt forces Gill to tap out. Hansen thanks the crowd afterwards.

Winner: Joachim Hansen - Submission (Armbar)

Joe Benavidez vs. Junya “Kodo” Kudo

Round 1: They exchange before Benavidez scores a takedown. They scramble and stand up. Benavidez lands a front kick and attempts an overhand right. Benavidez with a huge slam. Benavidez takes Kudo’s back. Benavidez locks in a guillotine from the mount and taps out Kudo quickly. Urijah Faber rushes in the ring and congratulates him.

Winner: Joe Benavidez - Submission (Guillotine)

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Motoki Miyazawa

Round 1: A slow start to the round translates into Hironaka rushing and clinching Miyazawa. Miyazawa hops on Hironaka and pulls guard standing but Hironaka shakes him off. Miyazawa jumps and pulls Hironaka to the ground. The action is very lackluster and the referee stands them up. Miyazawa stings Hironaka with a right. They go toe-to-toe and each land a few punches. Hironaka is bleeding from his nose. Miyazawa lands a left hook. Miyazawa is now cut. Hironaka hits a high kick. Hironaka is picking Miyazawa apart. Hironaka hurts Miyazawa with a right hand and Miyazawa is cut badly. They stop the fight to check it and the ringside doctor stops the bout.

Winner: Kuniyoshi Hironaka - TKO (Cut)

Hideo Tokoro vs. Takeshi Yamazaki

Round 1: Yamazaki jabs to start things off. Striking back and forth until Tokoro throws a leg kick that hits Yamazaki in the groin. The fight restarts Tokoro connects with a right hand before he is taken down by Yamazaki. They scramble and stand. Yamazaki lands some knees to the head before they break. Tokoro cracks Yamazaki with a right and knocks him down. Tokoro jumps on him but Yamazaki survives his onslaught. Tokoro works for a standing kimura and then lands a heavy knee. Tokoro lands another knee to Yamazaki’s face. Tokoro kicks Yamazaki again in the groin. Tokoro receives a yellow card. They restart and go toe-to-toe. They go to the round and Tokoro attempts a kneebar that is unsuccessful. A scramble leads to Yamazaki gaining top position. Tokoro attempts a sloppy triangle. Yamazaki controls Tokoro until the end of the round.

Round 2: Tokoro tags Yamazaki twice early. Tokoro catches Yamazaki with two high kicks. Yamazaki scores a takedown. They clinch in the corner and are broken apart. Tokoro just misses with a jumping knee. Yamazaki scores another takedown. Yamazaki rolls for an armbar but Tokoro maneuvers back to guard. Yamazaki controls Tokoro until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the close fight for Tokoro. The judges concur.

Winner: Hideo Tokoro - Unanimous Decision

HDNet’s broadcast reports that Eddie Alvarez will be unable to compete due to a cut suffered under his eye against Tatsuya Kawajiri. Reserve bout winner Joachim Hansen will replace him against Shinya Aoki in the finals. Extremely unfortunate for Alvarez.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Round 1: Akiyama enters the bout wearing a gi in an ironic statement. Shibata falls while throwing an overhand right. Akiyama lands a straight left. Akiyama with a leg kick and a jab. Another leg kick lands for Akiyama. Shibata lands a nice right hand. Shibata with another right aht surprises Akiyama. Akiyama misses with a roundhouse kick and takes Shibata down. Akiyama mounts Shibata and then chokes him out using the sleeve of his gi.

Winnner: Yoshihiro Akiyama - Submission (Modified Choke)

Alvarez gets on the microphone and officially announces his withdrawal from the tournament. His eye is almost completely closed and badly swollen. Tearful and disappointed, the crowd gives Alvarez a standing ovation while he challenges the winner of the tournament to a bout in the future.

Mark Hunt vs. Alistair Overeem

Round 1: Because of the weight difference, knees on the ground are not permitted. It matters not however. Hunt is aggressive early with punches. Overeem attacks and Hunt throws him down. Hunt gets to side control but Overeem goes for an armbar. Hunt fights it but is forced to tap out. A much improved ground game on display by Overeem.

Winner: Alistair Overeem - Submission (Armbar)

Shinya Aoki vs. Joachim Hansen

Round 1: Hansen swings and misses early, allowing Aoki to take it right to the mat. Hansen busy from the bottom with short punches. Aoki moves to side control but Hansen regains half-guard. Hansen accidentally kicks Aoki in the groin with an up-kick. The bout is stopped and restarted on the feet. Aoki pulls Hansen to the ground. Aoki moves for an omoplata but Hansen gets out. Hansen delivers three straight bombs while posturing up. Hansen then lands a left hand that hurts Aoki. Hansen follows with a flurry of unanswered rights that forces the referee to stop the bout. Huge upset.

Winner: Joachim Hansen - TKO (Strikes)


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