DREAM.10 Live Results

We will be going live at 3:00 AM EST with live results of DREAM.10, which takes place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

The card will be headlined by a lightweight bout between Shinya Aoki and Vitor Riberio. Also on the card is the welterweight tournament semifinals featuring Hayato Sakurai vs. Marius Zaromskis and Andre Galvao vs. Jason High.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments throughout the evening. Detailed live results are after the jump.

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Ikemoto Seichi

Round 1: The bout begins with a glove touch. Seichi attempts a double fisted hammer punch that misses. Both fighters clinch and Saffiedine gets in a knee before pinning Seichi against the ropes. Saffiedine lands a knee before the referee separates the fighters. Seich misses with a low kick. Both fighters exchange body kicks. Good leg kick from Saffiedine. Leg kick from Seichi. Saffiedine responds with a good left followed by a hard leg kick. Seichi moves forward and gains the clinch. Saffiedine spins him around and pins him against the ropes. Saffiedine lands two knees to the midsection. Saffiedine tries a trip takedown but fails as they continue to battle in the clinch. Seichi spins Saffiedine around and lands two good knees to the stomach. The referee steps in and separates them. High kick from Seichi misses. Low kick from Saffiedine answered by a body kick from Seichi. Three good punches from Saffiedine as the pace momentarily picks up. Jab from Seichi. Seichi shoots in but Saffiedine sprawls and keeps the fight standing. Both guys clinch and then separate moments later. Seichi lands a lunging punch followed by a spinning back fist that misses. Saffiedine attempts a high kick but slips, Seichi pounces and gains top control. Three hard punches from Seichi. Seich postures up and throws two punches before Saffiedine gains full guard. Left from Seichi. Seichi postures up and throws two punches to the midsection. Seich slips a leg through and gains half guard. Saffiedine scrambles and returns to his feet. Both fighters again begin to work in the clinch. Saffiedine with the body lock trying to score a takedown. Ref restarts the fighters. Overhand right from Saffiedine. Double lunge punch from Seichi again misses. Hard right from Saffiedine followed by a knee to the head. The fighters again clinch before being restarted. Good left uppercut from Saffiedine. Hard leg kick from Saffiedine. Both fighters slow down as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Saffiedine comes out and tries a push kick early. Seichi answers with a good leg kick. Both fighters step in the middle and exchange rights followed by leg kicks. One-two combo from Saffiedine misses. Good right from Saffiedine followed by a body kick. Seichi answers with two body kicks. Good right hand from Saffiedine. Leg kick from Seichi checked by Saffiedine. Saffiedine lands a hard right hand that pushes Seichi back. Leg kick from Saffiedine. Saffiedine moving forward with some big overhand rights. Seichi moves forward with a lunging right that just misses. Saffiedine attempts an uppercut and Seichi counters by shooting. Saffiedine stuffs the attempt and takes over top position. Immediately Saffiedine moves to side control. Seichi trying to buck Saffiedine off. Saffiedine lands a knee to the head and then moves to the mount. Seichi scrambles and attempts a heel hook. Saffiedine gets out but allows Seichi to gain top position. Right from Seichi followed by two lefts to the body as the round ends.

Winner: Tarec Saffiedine - Decision (Unanimous)

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Marius Zaromskis

Round 1: The round starts with a bang as Sakurai lands a hard low kick and both fighters exchange punches. Sakurai controlling the fight landing hard punches in the opening session. High kick from Zaromskis. Sakurai with a good inside leg kick.Hard right hand from Zaromskis. Zaromskis answers with a huge right followed by a big flying knee. They clinch along the ropes. The ref restarts the bout. Hard leg kick from Sakurai followed by some hard punches. Both fighters throwing big punches. Good right from Sakurai answered by a kick from Zaromskis. Sakurai shoots in and puts Zaromskis on his back. The fight is stopped and moved to the middle of the canvas. Sakurai sitting in Zaromskis’ half guard. Zaromskis scrambles and makes his way back to his feet. Sakurai shoots again but it’s stuff. Both fighters throwing big punches. Hard right by Sakurai answered by a leg kick from Zaromskis. Hard knee from Sakurai. Hard right from both fighters. Big cut over the left eye of Sakurai. Fight stopped to check the cut and clean the blood. The fight restarts and Sakurai comes in with a good left right combo. Zaromskis steps in with a huge head kick that drops Sakurai, Zaromskis pounces and lands a flurry of shots forcing the ref to stop the bout.

Winner: Marius Zaromskis - KO (Head Kick and Punches)

Andre Galvao vs. Jason High

Round 1: The bout opens up with a respectful glove touch. High attempts a body kick and Galvao answers with a high kick that is blocked. High shoots in and Galvao immediately reverses him but moments later High changes the tides and regains top control. High stalls while Galvao works from the bottom looking for a sweep. Galvao scrambling as High lands a few hammerfists. The fight returns to the feet with Galvao clinching High from the backside. The ref restarts the bout. Galvao moves in with a high kick but as he does High lands a big punch that drops Galvao. High follows Galvao to the canvas and lands a few shots. Galvao regains his composure and beings working for a kneebar on High. Galvao trapping both legs and going for the toe hold. High trying diligently to escape from the position. Galvao cranking the toe hold while High sits back trying to escape. Amazingly High escapes and as he does he latches on a guillotine but moments later Galvao escapes and gains top position. From the half guard Galvao works elbows to the ribs before High tries scrambling. Galvao is able to reverse the situation and take High’s back. Galvao latches on the body triangle as Galvao throws some rights. Galvao gets the arm around the neck. You can hear High gasping for air but he continues to fight on. Amazingly High gets his neck free as Galvao continues t work for the choke. Galvao now moves to the mount and rains down a few shots before High gives up his back again. Galvao back in the mount throwing shots to the body. Galvao postures up and as he does High gives up his back again. Galvao going for the choke again but High shows a great deal of heart escaping. Galvao back in mount raining down punches. The round ends with Galvao going for an armbar.

Round 2: The round begins with a glove touch, hard kick from High hurts Galvao. High comes forward with a hard knee, Galvao hurt. He follows Galvao to the canvas but then decides to stay on the feet. Both fighters get in good rights. Both fighters feeling each other out. Left leg kick from High as Galvao whips out a wild left that misses. Hard punches from High nail Galvao. Left from High as Galvao tries dropping to his back to bring High to the canvas. Good right from High followed by a head kick that is blocked. Knee to the head from Galvao. Galvao attempts a high kick but slips while throwing it. Galvao returns to his feet. Good left from High followed by a high kick that is blocked. High lunges in with a high kick that misses. Galvao throws a right that is countered by a left from High. Good liver kick from High. Another devastating liver kick from High. The round ends.

Winner: Jason High - Decision (Split)

Andre “Dida” Amade vs. Katsunori Kikuno

Round 1: Dida attempts a huge overhand right early that misses. High kick from Dida misses. Kikuno throws a low kick and Dida answers with a hard punch that drops Kikuno. Kikuno quickly recovers and returns to his feet. Kikuno with a front kick as both fighters stall. Both fighters still stalling. Big uppercut followed by a right that misses from Dida. Kikuno tries a kick and then they clinch. Moments later they separate and return to the middle of the ring. More stalling at the ref steps in and warns both fighters for a lack of action. Dida misses with a kick as the action still stalls. Kikuno misses with a two punch combo but then lands a body kick followed by a takedown. Kikuno takes the mount and begins to rain down punches. Dida gives up his back and Kikuno flurries landing a barrage of punches that force the referee to stop the action.

Winner: Katsunori Kikuno - TKO (Strikes)

Paulo Filho vs. Melvin Manhoef

Round 1: Both guys feel each other out for about 20 seconds before Filho attempts shooting in. The fighters clinch and Manhoef lands a flurry of punches that look to hurt Filho. They clinch again and Manhoef begins firing off knees. Manhoef with another vicious flurry punches. Manhoef drops Filho to the canvas. Manhoef follows Filho down but Manhoef is able to regain himself but Manhoef is still relentless with his punches. Manhoef stands up and calls for Filho to stand. High kick from Manhoef. Another hard flurry from Manhoef but Filho gets the takedown and then quickly moves to mount. Filho traps the arm and moves to the armbar forcing Manhoef to tap.

Winner: Paulo Filho - Submission (Armbar)


Dong-Sik Yoon vs. Jesse Taylor

Round 1: The bout begins with a glove touch. Both fighters immediately step into the pocket and throw some punches before Taylor shoots in but it’s stuffed. Taylor then lifts Yoon up and puts Yoon on his back. They scramble on the canvas and Taylor takes Yoon’s back working for the choke. They go to move back into the mount and then Yoon starts wincing in pain. The fight is stopped due to an injury of the knee of Yoon.

Winner: Jesse Taylor - TKO (Injury)

- Following the bout, they showed a replay of Taylor’s slam and it’s very clear that Yoon’s foot gets caught in a weird position as he hits the canvas. I’m surprised he fought on after the initial slam, the foot looked nasty.

Shinya Aoki vs. Vitor Riberio

Round 1: Aoki comes out early and tries a high kick that misses. Good jab from Riberio. Another high kick from Aoki blocked. Good 1-2 combo from Riberio but Aoki gets in a body kick at the same time. Good right hand from Riberio. Aoki continuing to use the body/high kick. Another high kick blocked by Riberio. Right leg kick from Aoki. Riberio steps forward with a left that misses. Another leg kick from Aoki. Aoki continuing to pound the arms of Riberio with kicks. They clinch and Aoki attempts a knee. Another two body kicks fired off by Aoki. Riberio moves forward and they clinch in the corner. Knee followed by a good right from Aoki. Again with the high kick. Riberio moves forward with a right that is blocked. Aoki continuing to beat up the arms of Riberio with kicks. Left jab from Riberio. Aoki tosses a leg kick but it’s caught by Riberio who fires back with a glancing right. Left jab from Riberio. More kicks to the arms of Riberio. The referee steps in and calls for more action. Aoki attempts a body kick and as he does Riberio attempts to catch it and shoot. Aoki working in the corner to stuff the takedown. Riberio quits on the attempt and the return to the middle. Left hook from Riberio. Riberio moves in and tries to secure a single. Again Aoki escapes and returns to the middle. Another kick to the arms of Riberio. Wild overhand right from Riberio. Good outside thigh kick from Aoki. Again Riberio attempts a big overhand right but Aoki avoids it and gains the clinch where he lands a big knee.

Round 2: Good jab by Riberio to start the round. Riberio pressing forward. Jumping knee from Aoki as he then takes standing back position. Riberio scrambles and they return to the middle. Left jab from Riberio followed by a shot that is stuffed by Aoki. Good liver kick from Aoki. Riberio misses with a combo. Riberio lands a right and then Aoki gains the clinch and lands a knee. Riberio shoots in and puts Aoki on the canvas. Aoki immediately secures the closed guard and holds on tight. Knees to the thigh area from Riberio. Lefts to the head from Riberio. The ref steps in and moves the fighters to the middle. Aoki begins to use the rubber guard. Riberio escapes and begins to fire off some rights and lefts. Punches to the body from Riberio. Again with the rubber guard by Aoki but Riberio powers out of it. Aoki with the rubber guard. Riberio escapes and lands another left. Shots to the body by Riberio. The fight ends with Riberio on top of Aoki.

Winner: Shinya Aoki - Decision (Unanimous)

Marius Zaromskis vs. Jason High

Round 1: The bout begins with a glove touch. Immediately Zaromskis goes for a flying knee but High catches him and attempts a takedown but Zaromskis scrambles and gets away. They battle in the clinch with High trying to get the takedown. After a tough battle, High is able to secure the takedown. High postures up and as he does Zaromskis pushes off and scrambles to his feet. High tries latching on a guillotine but Zaromskis escapes. Back to the middle, good low kick from Zaromskis answered by a punch from High. Good one-two punch combo from Zaromskis followed by a powerful head kick to the face of High rendering him unconscious on the canvas. Zaromskis follows it up with a few punches before the referee jumps in and calls a halt to the bout.

Winner: Marius Zaromskis - KO (Head Kick)


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