Din Thomas Arrested

Florida news site TC Palm is reporting that UFC veteran Din Thomas has been arrested by police for allegedly running an unsanctioned MMA event inside of his Port St. Lucie, Florida gym:

Thomas, 31, faces a felony prohibited competitions charge after police got a tip Oct. 19 about the matches at a facility he uses in St. Lucie West.

Inside, police observed two men fighting in an octagon-shaped ring surrounded by about 150 spectators. The fights reportedly weren’t sanctioned.

Amateur boxing matches are regulated and licensed by a sanctioning committee that’s approved by the boxing commission, but no mixed martial arts fights are allowed at the amateur level.

“At the end of the day, he was having a professional mixed martial arts match that was not licensed through us,” Farkas said. “It was a case of unlicensed activity.”

Here is a copy of the arrest warrant and statement made by police concerning Thomas’ arrest. It states that 5-7 matches were put on during the period of time. Fighters were not wearing any protective gear except for gloves and cups and that there was a $10 entry fee that was to go to a raffle drawing at the end of the night.

I tried to find out how long possible jail time for Thomas could be but the state of Florida’s official site is down as of right now. I’ll try to have more on this later.


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