Dent to Replace Reinhardt

Reports have surfaced indicating that Jason Reinhardt has been forced to withdraw from his fight with Roger Huerta due to an injury suffered in training.

Jason Reinhardt’s replacement is expected to be Jason “Dynamite” Dent who sports a mixed martial arts record of 19-6-0 with his latest victories coming over Kola Koka and Luke Spencer.

On The Underground, Jason Reinhardt made a post which talked about his injuries he suffered.

I injured my neck in training. Left fingers (pinky finger, ring finger are tingling contantly) Left elbow is NUMB. Right shoulder feels like a hot knife is stuck in there. Right arm is weak, and it’s hard for me to move my neck to the left.

I had no other choice. After going to physical therapy and taking four days off completely the Doctor told me no way. I tried guys… I tried to hang in there and I still wanted to fight, believe me. It’s a 12 year dream GONE! This is all I ever wanted. When I got the call to fight in the UFC it was the most amazing feeling in the world, and now this is the worst feeling possible. I sacrificed so much for all the hard grueling training I went through. (Just like a lot of fighters, who take this sport very serious) I was so excited. Maybe it’s time for me to hang it up? I feel like my stomach has a huge hole in it, because of the dissapointment. I can’t help it.


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