Daniel Cormier’s Hand is Feeling Good

All is well on the homefront when it comes to Daniel Cormier and his hand problems, which have kept him out of action since his giant upset of Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in September.

According to the man himself, his right hand is good and has been holding up just fine during training camp in preparation for his Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix tournament final bout against former UFC champion Josh Barnett next month.

Stephie Daniels: How is your hand, and would you say it's fully healed?

Daniel Cormier: It's finally good. I've gotten the green light from my doctor. I've been punching hard, and found some comfort in that, because when I punched Luke (Rockhold) in December, and re-broke my hand, I had barely touched him. As hard as I've been hitting guys in the gym now, and for my hand to not move, and to stay together, and be strong, I'm very confident going in to this fight.


Fortunately, it's healed, and now I'm really cracking with it. It feels good to be throwing it, I'll tell ya that. I've got some work to do, though. Seven months of sparring with a left hand, and not really using it, actually builds some pretty bad habits. I've got time though. I'll be ready.


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