Dana White: “PRIDE Acquisition Complete”

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, UFC President Dana White revealed some interesting information concerning the state of the PRIDE sale to Zuffa. What did he reveal? Well apparently Zuffa has now owned PRIDE for the past two days...

“We’re still trying to figure out this whole Pride and UFC thing. The deal is done. We acquired the company yesterday or the day before,” White told the media at the UFC 71 post-fight press conference.

White continued, “Talking about all the Pride stuff, we’re going to work on that stuff over the next [weeks] now that the deal is officially closed. You can’t start running a business when you don’t own it yet. We’ve owned it for two days. I know we made the big announcement [on March 27], but it might have been a little premature. The deal wasn’t done yet. The deal was pending, but we were far enough along where we felt comfortable announcing the deal. Now that it’s closed two days ago, we’ll get that straightened out.”

I guess that makes it official…


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