Dana White Plans on Stiffening Steriod Punishment

In a recent interview with ESPN.com UFC president Dana White stated that he plans on intensifying the punishments for guys who test positive for banned substances and drugs.

ESPN The Magazine: But what is the punishment? What are you going to do?
White: They’re not going to get paid. I take care of all of my guys. If you fight your ass off for me, you’ll get paid. But what I’m going to do is: I’m going to wait and see if they pass their drug tests. If they don’t, you’re going to get paid what’s in your contract and that’s it.

ESPN The Magazine: So you’re going to pay the guaranteed money but any fight bonuses would be withheld? That’s not a slap on the wrist.
White: No, that’s a kick in the nuts, and they know that.


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