Cuban, HDNet Fights File Suit Against UFC

From jdlasica on Flickr.

I kid you not, Mark Cuban has filed a lawsuit against Dana White and company.

Cuban and his HDNet Fights promotion filed suit in a Dallas, Texas district court in hopes of earning a declaratory judgment concerning the contractual status of current UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture when it comes to his employment contract (the deal that dictates where Couture can fight).

The news comes from Adam Swift of Sherdog and MMA Payout, who reports in an “ironic” twist that Couture will actually technically serve as Zuffa’s co-defendant in the case.

The declaratory judgement will hopefully provide Cuban with an exact date as to when Couture’s contract expires with the UFC, if it expires at all.

If you haven’t already caught the feeling of what’s going on, the judge’s ruling may possibly give Couture and mixed martial fans around the world good news, that a potential date with Fedor Emelianenko could become a strong possibility.

Clearing up some confusion that occurred on this site earlier, it is actually Couture’s employment contract and its one-year non-compete clause that is at the center of Zuffa’s suit, and not his promotional contract that came when he agreed to be part of the announce team along with Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan according to Swift.

A positive outcome for Cuban would be a huge for his HDNet Fights promotion to say the least as the Couture-Emelianenko showdown would likely take place under the banner of that promotion.

Zuffa filed a lawsuit in Nevada’s Clark County District Court against Couture in January, citing that Couture has made negative comments about the promotion and those involved with it’s management. They also stated that the comments have caused “irreparable damage” and that he has breached the emplyment contract he signed with the company.

Basically the lawsuit was filed because Randy’s Xtreme Couture gym will be fielding a team that will compete at the IFL’s next event in Las Vegas on Friday, February 29th. The UFC is claiming that Randy’s gym being involved with the IFL is a violation of his contract with the UFC.

The lawsuit will also attempt to collect up to $10,000 in damages from Couture and seek a restraining order that will prevent Couture from being involved with any other organizations that compete against the UFC.


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