CSC Fight Night 1 Matchup Between Marriott and Roberts Turns Into A War of Words

Kansas City, Kansas - When Titan Entertainment officials put together a the first-ever fight card for the Combat Sports Championships ( for Friday, Oct. 2 at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, a planned co-main event between featherweights Eric Marriott (14-1) and Ryan “Are you Ready?” Roberts (8-6) was scheduled simply because it had the makings of an exciting fight.

However, the fight has taken on a greater level of intensity in recent days with a war or words that has spilled out over onto the Internet. Based on recent comments attributed to both fighters, the fight has become a full-fledged grudge match.

It all started when, the official website for Titan Entertainment’s Combat Sports Championships, contacted the UFC veteran Roberts for his thoughts on his Oct. 2 co-main event matchup vs. Marriott.

“I don’t really know [Eric Marriott], (but I’ve) just heard he is lazy and lays and prays,” said Roberts. “If he tries that [expletive] with me, it’s going to be a long night for him. He won’t be able to just lay on me. [Expletive], he will be lucky to get me on the ground, and if he does, I won’t be laying (on the ground) long.”

But Roberts wasn’t finished. While Marriott is officially 14-1, many fight finder databases list him as 14-0, to which Roberts responded:

“It’s going to be fun to pop the little ‘loss virgins’ cherry!”

When contacted for a response, the 23-year old Marriott, a veteran of over 28 pro and amateur fights in just four years, did not seem phased.

“I don’t know much about the dude and I’ve only seen one fight of his on YouTube, needless to say it lasted about 10 seconds (laughs),” Marriott responded when contacted by for a retort. “So scouting him on video was pretty useless.

Roberts is a highly-regarded fighter in the Midwest who made it all the way to the UFC. While CSC officials are expecting a war between the two featherweights, Marriott sees things differently.

“... By looking at his record, I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble,” said Marriott. “Yeah, he’s fought some tough dudes but he lost to them ALL! It’s safe to say his losing streak will improve to five (laughs)!”

Marriott has earned a reputation throughout the Midwest for his strong ground game but Roberts has questions about his standup skills and plans to turn the fight into a brawl. Marriott is looking at Roberts’ challenge as a chance to showcase his improving standup skills.

“From the sounds of his interview, he plans on standing with me,” Marriott remarked. “He’s gonna be in for a short painful night (laughs).”

Marriott vs. Roberts will be just one of 12 fights scheduled to take place during “CSC Fight Night I” on Oct. 2 at Memorial Hall. With two additional matchups still be be announced publicly, the stacked card already includes matchups between Rudy Bears (10-3) vs. Matt Delanoit (14-8), Tyler “The Evolution” Stinson (14-5) vs. Brandon Newsome (12-4), and Chad Vandenberg (4-1) vs. Shad Lankford (3-1).


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