CSAC Close to Approving Amateur MMA

Photo by Jon Swenson.

The California State Athletic Commission is now moving closer to approving legislation that would make amateur mixed martial arts legal in the state.

The commission held their second-ever meeting concerning the non-professional side of the sport since the state began regulating it over two years ago. CSAC executive director Armando Garcia handed out a proposed set of rules that included quite a few changes compared to the regulations currently used by the state for professional events.

The amount of rounds during the course of a fight would be dependent on the experience of the competing fighters. There would be eighteen separate weight classes. Heel hooks, up-kicks, and neck cranks would all be prohibited as would slamming your opponent, hammer locks and elbows/forearms to the head of a grounded opponent.

If all goes well, the final draft of the rules could be submitted for approval as early as next week and if passed, amateur mixed martial arts events could start being held as soon as the end of this year. However Garcia points out that the legislation could have been passed long ago if it wasn’t for the lack of enthusiasm of his fellow members.

From MMA Weekly:

“It’s been slow in coming,” Garcia said in the report. “I’ve been pushing this thing left and right, and there’s little to no feedback at all. People just sit there and they look at me and hear me talking, and go ‘great, great, great,’ and I’m asking (for feedback) and nobody says anything.”


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