CSAC Clarifies Gracie’s Drug Test

Last week is was reported that MMA legend Royce Gracie had failed his post-fight drug test following his decision victory over Kazushi Sakuraba. Reports indicated that Gracie tested positive for traces of Nandrolone which is an anabolic agent. The California State Athletic Commission has taken time to clarify the situation:

According to the CSAC, a normal person could potentially produce 2 ng/mL of Nandrolone, while an athlete following “rigorous physical exercise” could have a level of 6 ng/mL.

Both “A” and “B” samples provided by Gracie, said the CSAC, “had a level of over 50 ng/mL and we were informed that the level itself was so elevated that it would not register on the laboratory’s calibrator.”

Following the reports of his positive test result, Gracie maintained his innocence, stating he had never taken anything other then natural supplements or proteins over the span of his 14 year career.

“I have never in my 14-year fighting carrier [sic] taken anything other then natural supplements and natural proteins,” said Gracie, who was paid $300,000 to fight. “As such, I am shocked that anything was found in my system.”

According to Sherdog, Gracie, is currently on vacation with his family in Spain but he would file for an appeal.


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