Couture Not Holding Breath on Angle Match

Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

It’s been almost a month since Kurt Angle starting telling everyone that he was “fighting” Randy Couture and although we all know that the two are interested in a grappling match, Couture isn’t going to wait around for something that might not happen, kind of like Angle’s promised MMA debut.

From MMA Weekly:

“I’m not too worried about it either way,” said Couture. “When it is signed on the dotted line and it can really be a reality then I will definitely start training and getting myself into top grappling shape, sharpening all those tools for a match with him.”

Couture also went on to say that he’d likely have to wait for an official ruling on his contract with the UFC. Remember that the last submission-grappling match he competed in against “Jacare” in November 2006 was during his brief retirement from the sport.

However what is more concerning is Angle’s continual exaggeration of his status when it comes to MMA. Nevermind that he’s still saying that he’s actually fighting Couture in interviews, now he’s flat out stating a match with Couture is signed when it’s really not even close.


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