Couture Finally Speaks Out on Lawsuit

Dana White congratulates Randy Couture after his win over Pedro Rizzo at UFC 34. Photo by Joshua Hedges.

Randy Couture finally spoke out on the lawsuit the Ultimate Fighting Championship has filed against him in a recent interview with MMA Weekly.

The current UFC heavyweight champion believes that one of the promotion’s ideas in filing the lawsuit is to attempt to have Couture spend so much money on legal proceedings that he will have to come back and fight for them”

“It’s unfortunate that things have kind of degraded to that point,” Couture said in the interview. I’m sure that’s part of their ploy, to force me to spend enough money that I’ll have to come back and fight for them, which isn’t the case.”

Throughout the months and months of battling back and forth between the two sides, one thing remains constant: Couture believes that his contracts with the UFC will eventually expire while Dana White and company have stated that he is locked in to the deal until he completes the remaining two fights left on it.

In an effort to now prove himself as being correct, Couture plans to get in touch with the state of Nevada to help his case:

“I’ve got a very good team of lawyers. I think we’ll basically have to get a declaration from the state of Nevada on what they interpret the contract as, but the way I see it, the contract is up in July,” Couture stated.

According to various sources, part of the lawsuit against Couture maintains that he breached his contract by cornering other fighters who train at his Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas while they are fighting in promotions other than the UFC.

I find it hilarious because there is a boatload of fighters currently under contract with either the UFC and WEC yet are constantly seen cornerning teammates in various other promotions. Not to name any names but I’ve seen Gray Maynard just about everywhere lately. Go ahead and ask Nick Thompson who was in his corner during his BodogFight title defense this past weekend and let me know if he doesn’t say Sean Sherk.

“They didn’t force me to breach of contract in any way,” Couture said. “I simply stated the position I’m in as far as fighting, which is to wait my fight contract out, find a way to make the Fedor fight happen myself. Like trying to ban my clothing line, and things like that that don’t really hurt me, they just hurt the athletes that we sponsor.

“I’m not worried about clearing my name,” Couture continued. “I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m simply wanting to pursue the profession that I’m in, which is fighting. And they’re trying to prevent me from doing that, so you tell me who’s wrong or right?”


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