CKA: May 02, 2007

News and Notes

- In a recent interview with TATAME, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva provided his thoughts on Nathan Marquardt.

“Nathan is a great fighter, he have been showing that deserves this opportunity as I had with Rich Franklin. We will work hard to keep this belt during the next three years that I want to keep on fighting”

- Tito Ortiz will make a guest appearance on MADtv this Saturday, May 5 on FOX at 11pm ET/PT and 10:00pm Central.

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Sherdog: Gonzaga Still Celebrating Victory

Gonzaga did all this despite knowing how important the fight against “Cro Cop” could be to his career.

“Actually my manager spoke to me about this even before the match was confirmed,” said the Brazilian heavyweight. “We knew it was supposed to be a very interesting fight. When we signed the contract, I forgot everything else and I only trained for this for two months.”

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