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Kaitlin Young: Commissioner stopped fight, not doctor

On Saturday night, Kaitlin Young put on a great performance against Gina Carano in EliteXC Primetime debut on CBS.  The fight was stopped between the second and third rounds and it was announced that the ringside doctor had recommended the stoppage.  In a post to the FighterGirls website, Kaitlin Young disagrees, giving a detailed perspective of how the fight was stopped and raising an interesting accusation.

My left cheek and area surrounding the eye are looking pretty ugly today, but there was no major damage. Though it may have looked like it on tv, I never actually had an open wound.

What you didn’t see was that the doctor actually cleared me to fight the third round but the commission said “no”. I wanted to continue, my corner wanted to continue. The cut likely would have opened in the third but it was under the eye. If I had to guess, I would say that they didn’t want the visual of a woman with a bloody face on CBS.

They also chose not to do a post fight interview with me or to include me in the post fight news conference and after party. I think the reason for that was my beat up appearance after the fight because I was not seriously injured and was completely coherent.

I am very disappointed about that but cant help but wonder how people would have responded to that, as stupid as it is.

She continues here.

Yeah, I have to agree. I think if people were shocked or upset by the look of it they may have been put at ease a bit by seeing that I was okay. I think some people probably assumed the worst because I basically disappeared from the camera after the fight.

I’m not trying to be one of those people “Well, I would have won if they had let it go into the third round so it wasn’t my fault. Yada yada yada….” Gina was obviously getting the better of me at that point in the fight, but I wasn’t ready to be done. It really bothers me that I didn’t get a chance to thank my sponsors and all that jazz.

Sounds pretty fishy.  When the fight was stopped, they had a close up of Kaitlin’s face.  I said right away that fight would not have been stopped if it was a male.  Apparently, there may have been a good amount of truth to it.  And shame on EliteXC for not even allowing Kaitlin to attend the post fight press conference.

More Fallout from EliteXC Primetime

Our friends at MMARated have posted a video from the post fight press conference featuring EliteXC President of Live Events Gary Shaw and heavyweight James Thompson.  In a comical moment, Gary Shaw relays the fact that thompson was having difficulties breathing and was being transported to the hospital.  Shaw then asks for everyone’s prayers for Thompson.  Meanwhile, Thompson is standing in the middle of the press conference drinking a bottle of water!  Check out the video after the jump.


In typical Shaw fashion, he shows how much he really “cares” about his fighters with a callous comment about whether Thompson will have a job in the morning after James joked about receiving a win bonus.  Thompson did a great job Saturday and almost defeated Shaw’s golden child, even with the odds stacked heavily against him.  Gary Shaw himself said he would “hang himself” if Slice lost. 

Faber defends WEC Title against Pulver.

Following up on the network debut of EliteXC on Saturday night, the World Extreme Cagefighting promotion put on another great show Sunday night on Versus.  Urijah Faber helped cement his spot atop the featherweight rankings with a spectacular standup performance against former UFC Lightweight kingpin, Jens Pulver.  Known promarily as a grappler with devastating ground and pund and excellent submissions, Faber dominated the standup with a lightning quick straight right all night that surprised the veteran Pulver.  Faber showed his whole arsenal last night, utilizing kicks from all angles, Muay Thai knees, straight punches, elbows from all angles, as his trademark takedowns in cruising to a dominant decision.  For his part, Pulver took tremendous punishment but never stopped coming forward.  Props to both men for a fantastic fight.
Miguel Torres defended his Bantamweight Championship with a third round stoppage over Yoshira Maeda.  This fight showed all the best aspects of MMA including one of the most exciting rounds in recent history, Round 2.  With the WEC replaying on Versus often, I highly suggest you watch this event when it comes back on just for the excitement of these two fights.

Full results of this event are available here.


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