CKA: Jun 27, 2007

News and Notes:

- UFC Mania is reporting that Travis Lutter (9-4) will make his return to the octagon at UFC 74: Respect when he battles UFC newcomer Ryan Jensen (11-1).

- is reporting that Nick Diaz would like to step into the EliteXC cage with Frank Shamrock.

- Despite the rumors, UFC president Dana White, has said there will not be a PRIDE show in October.

According to Dana White, the stories of a Pride show on 10/11 are as accurate as last week’s story about an August card. In other words, nothing to them at all no matter what is being said in Japan.

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Recommended Reads:

Sherdog: McCullough on MMA

In your estimation, can boxing learn from the way the UFC promotes its shows?

Well, let me give you an example, in my last fight (a WBC super bantamweight title bout Oscar Larios), I was on the same card as Bernard Hopkins against Jermain Taylor on a show promoted by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions right here in Vegas. Now here I was, the co-main event in a rematch of a world title fight, fighting in a city I have live in for 14 years, where I am well known, and there wasn’t even a picture of me on the poster. Here in my garage I have a big welterweight boxer called Fransisco Santana working out as we speak. In his last fight in Vegas with Goosen Tutor Promotions they weren’t going to put him on the card, I said to them, put him on the card. Of course nobody in boxing will be really interested until he is like 20-0. My wife Cheryl manages him and she contacted some of the top journalists in America to do a piece on Francisco, and it was no problem, one guy even did a whole Q & A with him, and all she had to do was ask, as a result he got more publicity than the main event. I guarantee Goosen wasn’t going to do that for him. My point is that in the UFC, when a kid is starting off, he can be 4-0 and he’s already get that publicity. Next up for Francisco is a spot on the Antonio Margarito-Paul Williams (WBO welterweight title bout)—but more often than not, he would have to 20-0 before anyone paid any attention.

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