CKA for November 29, 2008

Antonio Silva. Photo courtesy of ProElite

Antonio Silva to fight in Sengoku No Ran

World Victory Road announced Friday that heavyweight Antonio Silva is set to compete on the Sengoku No Ran show on January 4, 2009.  His opponent is scheduled to be Yoshihiro Nakao.  Silva, the current EliteXC heavyweight title holder, is currently under suspension in the US due to a failed steroid test in California.  Silva has disputed the results of the testing and since Japanese promotions are not compelled to honor suspensions in the US, he will compete here.  It may have long term effects on his obtaining licensure in the future in the US, but Vitor Belfort may have set a precendent by being allowed to compete after fighting in England while under steroid suspension.

Nakao is most infamous for being the recipient of a KO punch during pre-fight introductions against Heath Herring at K-1 Dynamite 2005.  While the two were staring each other down, Nakao leaned forward and kissed Herring.  Herring responded with a devastating right cross that knocked out his opponent instantly.   

the addition of Silva vs. Nakao to the Sengoku event brings the total announced fights to four.  Takanori Gomi will fight lightweight GP winner Satoru Kitaoka for the Sengoku Lightweight Championship while Middleweight GP winner Jorge Santiago will tangle with Kaz Misaki for the promotions Middleweight Title.  A light heavyweight encounter between Hidehiko Yoshida and Sanae Kikuta was previously announced as well.

Werdum not wanted by Affliction

A few weeks ago, word leaked that top 10 ranked heavyweight Fabricio Werdum was cut by the UFC following his loss to unheralded Junior Dos Santos.  It was widely assumed that Affliction would likely snap up Werdum as they covet the world’s best heavyweights.  Apparently, negotiations went extremely poorly as Affliction felt Werdum was asking for far more salary than warranted.  Franklin McNeil reported in ESPN’s MMA Live that there are no plans for the parties to negotiate further so it appears that Werdum will likely be heading back to Japan where he found success earlier in his career. 

CroCop vs Overeem postponed

Ever since the No Contest fight between Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Alistair Overeem back at Dream 6 in September, fans have been clamoring for a rematch.  The first encounter was stopped when Mirko could not continue after a series of knee strikes to the groin, while Overeem was basically dominating the fight.  The fight was set to happen again at the upcoming K-1 Dynamite New Years Eve show as confirmed by both CroCop and Overeem in multiple outlets.  CroCop even went so far as to say he would be more than willing to fight despite a knee injury that would require surgery immediately following the fight.

Well that all seems to be mute now as K-1’s Head Official Tanigawa has squashed that rumor

In a recenet Press interview with Tanigawa, Head Official of K-1, he has stated that even though both parties wish the fight to happen, they are unable to make this fight happen for the NYE event, Fields Dynamite.

“In regards to Rumors with Alistair VS Mirko Cro Cop for the rematch. Alistair is begging for the rematch, however it will be a different card for this event.”

This match was never officially confirmed by DREAM or K-1 Officials, however both parties agreed to the fight and were confident DREAM was going to be able to make this fight happen.

Hopefully CroCop can now get that surgery and there will be no reason why this fight cannot happen sometime in 2009.




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